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Marmon Holdings, Inc

Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 508-399-7004
  • Website

Marmon Holdings, a Berkshire Hathaway company, comprises more than 100 autonomous businesses serving diverse industries and markets worldwide View More

People working in Marmon Holdings, Inc

William Kaminski
CFO ****************@**** ********8996
Art Lejeune
Vice President Tax ***********@**** ********6637
Daniel Hanrahan
SVP Corporate Development ***************@**** ********8653
Jason Smid
Head of Automation Adoption... **********@**** ********3361
Joseph Ratini
Sector VP Finance Marmon... *************@**** ********9004
Craig Phelon
vice president finance marmon... ************@**** ********3030
Alavi Aboosally
Vice President Technology and... ***************@**** ********4277
Tim Gernes
Vice President Finance Industrial... **********@**** ********0022
Matthew Snyder
Executive Vice President **************@**** ********2261
Girish Sambrani
Sr Lead Innovation NPD... ***************@**** ********3092
Jason Smid
Head of Automation Adoption... **********@**** ********8688
Vishwaroop Shukla
Vice President General Manager... *****************@**** ********5402
Jim Angus
vice president taxes *********@**** ********3437
Mike Horn
VP Corporate Controller *********@**** ********6810
Rob Solete
Vice President Sales and... **********@**** ********5812
Rina Patel
Vice President of US... **********@**** ********0805
Tom Weiss
Sr Vice President Retired... *********@**** ********3131
Matt Kelly
Group Vice President Human... **********@**** ********2844
Bob Schnetzler
Vice President **************@**** ********4088
Neil Bratcher
Vice President of Finance... *************@**** ********9366
Madhusudan Narahari
Engineering Leader *******************@**** ********9994
Jen Gordon
Vice President Controller **********@**** ********4819
Michael Hutson
director of information technology... **************@**** ********0493
Mark P
Director Of Information Technology... ******@**** ********9349
Melody Canak
Director ************@**** ********8376
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Products & Technologies used at Marmon Holdings, Inc

Technology Stack used at MARMON HOLDINGS, INC
Operations Packaging
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Products used at MARMON HOLDINGS, INC
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Frequently asked questions about Marmon Holdings, Inc

  1. What does MARMON HOLDINGS, INC's do?
    Marmon Holdings, a Berkshire Hathaway company, comprises more than 100 autonomous businesses serving diverse industries and markets worldwide
  2. What is MARMON HOLDINGS, INC's industry?
    Marmon holdings, inc operates in Mechanical or industrial engineering industry.
  3. What is MARMON HOLDINGS, INC's HQ phone number?
    Marmon holdings, inc's HQ Phone number is +1 508-399-7004
  4. What is MARMON HOLDINGS, INC's revenue?
    Marmon holdings, inc's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is MARMON HOLDINGS, INC's company size?
    Marmon holdings, inc's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is MARMON HOLDINGS, INC's official website? is official website of Marmon holdings, inc.