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Marley Eternit Ltd Logo

Marley Eternit Ltd

Building Materials

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +44 1283 722588
  • Website

Formerly Marley Eternit we have now become Marley Ltd, visit our page @marley for all updates and news View More

Roofing Cladding Decking Shingles & Shakes... Roofing system View More

People working in Marley Eternit Ltd

Graham Smith
Maintenance Team Leader g***********@******* ********6412
Alan Howe
Lead MSO a********@******* ********1633
Mark Cowley
Team Leader m**********@******* ********2435
Arthur Griffin
maint team leader a*************@******* ********0997
Barry Lucas
yard team leader b**********@******* ********0277
Alan Hale
Granule Plant EHS team... a********@******* ********0106
Paul Appleby
Team Leader p***********@******* ********2978
Edmund Gibson
mechanical team leader e************@******* ********3220
Susan Morrison
regional sales director s*************@******* ********9222
Susan Barclay
Director Regional Sales s************@******* ********8896
Mike Johnson
Area Specification Manager m***********@******* ********1395
Richard Hartwell
production manager r***************@******* ********2025
Wendy Angelopoulos
Area Sales Manager w*****************@******* ********3857
Rachel Walsh
EHS Officer r***********@******* ********5052
Ron Mawston
Sales Manager r**********@******* ********0206
Roy Faunch
Production Manager r*********@******* ********5053
Richard Chester
Material handling supervisor r**************@******* ********6963
Alan Carmichael
Commercial Manager a**************@******* ********7343
Steve Herriott
Competence Center Manager s*************@******* ********3592
Tim Radford
Development Manager t**********@******* ********2803
Charlotte Penn
Campaign Manager c*************@******* ********0814
Cheryll Onselen
Purchasing Manager c**************@******* ********2987
Barry Garner
Production Manager b***********@******* ********0696
Kevin Miller
Sales Development Manager k***********@******* ********9139
Tina Thompson
Commodity Manager t************@******* ********5203
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Products & Technologies used at Marley Eternit Ltd

Products used at MARLEY ETERNIT LTD
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Frequently asked questions about Marley Eternit Ltd

  1. What does MARLEY ETERNIT LTD's do?
    Formerly Marley Eternit we have now become Marley Ltd, visit our page @marley for all updates and news
  2. What are Marley Eternit Ltd's specialities?
    Roofing , Cladding , Decking , Shingles & shakes , Roofing system
  3. What is MARLEY ETERNIT LTD's industry?
    Marley eternit ltd operates in Building materials industry.
  4. What is MARLEY ETERNIT LTD's HQ phone number?
    Marley eternit ltd's HQ Phone number is +44 1283 722588
  5. What is MARLEY ETERNIT LTD's revenue?
    Marley eternit ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  6. What is MARLEY ETERNIT LTD's company size?
    Marley eternit ltd's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  7. What is MARLEY ETERNIT LTD's official website? is official website of Marley eternit ltd.