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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +46 8 519 926 29
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Lynk & Co is a new mobility brand addressing the needs and preferences of a global connected generation and challenging car industry conventions View More

People working in Lynk & Co

Marvin Kocian
Head of B2B Sales... *************@**** ********3782
Frida Drott
Head of Business Office... ***********@**** ********7194
Roy Choi
Principal Client solutions ********@**** ********0577
Riccardo Gugliotta
Head of Service and... ******************@**** ********9064
Pieterjan Maekelbergh
Head of Parts Supply... *********************@**** ********3952
Jessica Konings
Vice President Digital ***************@**** ********5480
Kira Smalley
Team Leader *********@**** ********0222
Thomas Sandstrom
Vice President Uptime ****************@**** ********9371
Max Hedenbergh
Head of Commerce Central... **************@**** ********3107
Viktor Johansson
Head of Business control... ****************@**** ********0426
Uday Raina
Vice President Account Management... **********@**** ********2768
Olivier Denamur
Head of Exterior Design... ***************@**** ********6140
Ana Zorica
Head of Commerce South... **********@**** ********3149
Helen Lindskog
Head of Sales and... **************@**** ********8510
Maria Fors
Head of Purchasing **********@**** ********3867
Thierry Heijnens
Head Of Technical Service... ****************@**** ********5409
Nick Plummen
Team Leader Technical Sales... ************@**** ********7034
Mamun Abdullah
Director Head of Operations... **************@**** ********3872
Xuetang Tao
Head Of LynkCo Quality... ***********@**** ********1466
Nermina Ljuta
Head of Accounting Reporting... *************@**** ********7788
Harald Looye
Head of TCO Remarketing... ************@**** ********7118
Paula Marconi
VP Marketing Communications *************@**** ********4630
Wei Lin
The head of Production... *******@**** ********5063
Sandra Skogum
Head of Test Drive... *************@**** ********7462
Yuebing Zhong
Senior DirectorHead of Product... *************@**** ********3496
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Products & Technologies used at Lynk & Co

Technology Stack used at LYNK & CO
Assessment Collaboration Customer service Operations Automotive Link Testing Usability Voice Agile
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Products used at LYNK & CO
Sap Access Pages Sitecore Nice cxone Chrome Links Root Sap Power bi Dynamics 365 Microsoft dynamics Cms Asana M2m Microsoft dynamics 365
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Frequently asked questions about Lynk & Co

  1. What does LYNK & CO's do?
    Lynk & Co is a new mobility brand addressing the needs and preferences of a global connected generation and challenging car industry conventions
  2. What is LYNK & CO's industry?
    Lynk & co operates in Automotive industry.
  3. What is LYNK & CO's HQ phone number?
    Lynk & co's HQ Phone number is +46 8 519 926 29
  4. What is LYNK & CO's revenue?
    Lynk & co's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is LYNK & CO's company size?
    Lynk & co's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is LYNK & CO's official website? is official website of Lynk & co.