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Consumer Electronics

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +1 360-817-1200
  • Website logitechg.com

We are Logitech G At Logitech G we believe that life is more fun when you play. We are committed to revolutionizing the play by inventing creating new possibilities of play and pushing the boundaries of performance. And making We make the best possible products so that people can do more of what they love. The gaming world is forever evolving and we are dedicated to meeting meet the challenge through our products, partnerships, and by making striving to make gaming a welcoming place for everyone all. Through our better gear and game integrations, we facilitate an ever greater gaming experience. We also work with esports pros and teams around the world, and invite them partner closely with them to help us design the most winning innovative gear possible for gamers of all kinds View More

People working in Logitech G

Laurent Demierre
Gaming Technical Innovation Project... *********@******ch.com ********2377
Craig Hansen
Head of Events Simulation... *******@******ch.com ********0992
Jim Hoey
Head Of Marketing *****@******ch.com ********2705
Andrew Coonrad
Head of Product Software... ********@******ch.com ********4355
Robert Macauley
Head of Product *********@******ch.com ********4349
Aron Drayer
Head of Marketing Partnerships... *******@******ch.com ********7875
Noirin Phd
Head of Design Gaming... ****@******ch.com ********5330
Ruben Mookerjee
VP of Products **********@******ch.com ********3348
Erin Morgan
Head of Marketing Gaming... *******@******ch.com ********9386
Mark Shin
Head of Lifestyle Partnerships... *****@******ch.com ********2356
Fletcher Gero
Head of Creator Affiliate... *****@******ch.com ********9188
Jeremy Romero
Product Specialist Logi G... *******@******ch.com ********1855
Nikki Leong
Channel Marketing Assistant Manager... ******@******ch.com ********2594
Stanley Marcial
Product Specialist ********@******ch.com ********7823
Richard Neville
Portfolio Manager Simulation and... ********@******ch.com ********3472
Neil San
Customer Experience Manager ******@******ch.com ********9398
Jobelle Jocson
Product QA Manager *******@******ch.com ********6613
Piotr Orkwiszewski
Marketing Manager POLAND BALITCS... *************@******ch.com ********9061
Robert Carter
Technical Marketing Manager *******@******ch.com ********8672
Louis Lee
Senior Technical Project Manager... ****@******ch.com ********8880
Sam Zhang
Manager Manufacturing Program Management... ******@******ch.com ********9134
Federico Asorey
Marketing Manager Iberia *******@******ch.com ********9168
Jennifer Tsang
Sr Global Brand Manager... ******@******ch.com ********0469
Carl Lehmann
Senior Marketing Manager Nordics... ********@******ch.com ********6267
Jason Yi
Category Portfolio Manager PC... ***@******ch.com ********1956
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Products & Technologies used at Logitech G

Technology Stack used at LOGITECH G
Real-time Spi Spi i2c Communication Data transfer Simulation I2c Security Development documentation Git Operations Collaboration Presence Data communication Media Automotive Analytics Usability Voice Mobile
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Products used at LOGITECH G
Flight Origin Safe Forums Access Messaging Jquery Rest Board Next Amazon connect Nice cxone Ultimate Onetrust Aem Visit Illustrator Photoshop Check point Atlassian jira
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Frequently asked questions about Logitech G

  1. What does LOGITECH G's do?
    We are Logitech G At Logitech G we believe that life is more fun when you play. We are committed to revolutionizing the play by inventing creating new possibilities of play and pushing the boundaries of performance. And making We make the best possible products so that people can do more of what they love. The gaming world is forever...
  2. What is LOGITECH G's industry?
    Logitech g operates in Consumer electronics industry.
  3. What is LOGITECH G's HQ phone number?
    Logitech g's HQ Phone number is +1 360-817-1200
  4. What is LOGITECH G's revenue?
    Logitech g's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is LOGITECH G's company size?
    Logitech g's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is LOGITECH G's official website?
    www.logitechg.com is official website of Logitech g.