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Luxury Goods & Jewelry

  • Revenue 101M - 500M
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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Since 1971, lia sophia has been providing women high quality, superbly designed, fashion jewelry at great values View More

People working in lia sophia

Rick Schwartz
Executive Vice President ************@******* ********6026
Shelley Popovich
Lia Sophia Unit Leader... ***************@******* ********1283
Denise Whalen
Unit Leader ************@******* ********7024
Laurie Henseler
Team leader **************@******* ********1388
Denise Ouellette
Unit Leader ***************@******* ********5692
Wanda Sandoval
ManagerTeam Leader *************@******* ********2658
Sandy Fostaty
Division Leader Independent Sales... ************@******* ********9860
Marg Martin
Star Division Leader **********@******* ********2892
Suzanne Boisjoli
Star Unit Leader ***************@******* ********7772
Danielle Fleurant
Leader ****************@******* ********6262
Crystal Bryson
Team Leader and Independent... *************@******* ********3830
Nicole Jackson
Division Leader *************@******* ********1470
Gina Leader
Star Leader **********@******* ********8165
Kim Bryant
indep Division Sales Leader... *********@******* ********9703
Carolina Maldonado
lia sophia leader *****************@******* ********6866
Tammy Miller
Star Unit Team Leader... ***********@******* ********4014
Raelynn Reimer
Personal Advisor and Leader... *************@******* ********8368
Nicole Rierson
Division Leader *************@******* ********5108
Melanie Trepanier
Leader ****************@******* ********0219
Jody Pankratz
Leader advisor ************@******* ********6587
Leslie Kiiskila
Career Developer Entertainer and... **************@******* ********2456
Tasha Jasper
Unit Leader ************@******* ********5112
Brenna Brose
Division Leader ***********@******* ********2226
Samantha Evans
Secretary **************@******* ********3655
Lia Tan
Managing Director *******@******* ********7135
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Products & Technologies used at lia sophia

Products used at LIA SOPHIA
Air Opentype Zoom
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Frequently asked questions about lia sophia

  1. What does LIA SOPHIA's do?
    Since 1971, lia sophia has been providing women high quality, superbly designed, fashion jewelry at great values
  2. What is LIA SOPHIA's industry?
    Lia sophia operates in Luxury goods & jewelry industry.
  3. What is LIA SOPHIA's revenue?
    Lia sophia's revenue is 101m - 500m
  4. What is LIA SOPHIA's company size?
    Lia sophia's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is LIA SOPHIA's official website? is official website of Lia sophia.