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Facilities Services

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website ltcleaning.co.uk

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People working in L&T

Parna Ghosh
Team Leader ***********@**********.co.uk ********6205
Saju Kurian
Project Leader ***********@**********.co.uk ********8822
Verender Sobti
Head material **************@**********.co.uk ********1362
Siddhartha Sarkar
Head Of Business Development... *****************@**********.co.uk ********5397
Dean Francis
Vice President Strategy Corporate... ************@**********.co.uk ********6323
Satendra Tiwari
Head Manufacturing ***************@**********.co.uk ********0029
Jsubramanian N
Head Commercial **************@**********.co.uk ********6279
S Navare
Vice President ********@**********.co.uk ********3715
Rajesh Ameta
Project Leader ************@**********.co.uk ********7813
Kamal Sujaiy
Head Of Operations ************@**********.co.uk ********5283
Srinivas Bhagavatula
Zonal Head ********************@**********.co.uk ********8097
Rohit Kumar
VP ***********@**********.co.uk ********9706
Suresh Roy
Head Of Risk Management... **********@**********.co.uk ********1365
Akant Tyagi
PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT ***********@**********.co.uk ********9437
Sh Sh
secretary *****@**********.co.uk ********5940
Rajagopal Rathinam
Head Technical ******************@**********.co.uk ********8595
Ics Consultancy
Head Management ***************@**********.co.uk ********6746
Nilesh Khairnar
Project Leader ***************@**********.co.uk ********0224
Bipin Rajgopal
Project leader **************@**********.co.uk ********9323
Eknath Malankar
Head Divisional Strategic sourcing... ***************@**********.co.uk ********7189
Gayathri Lakshmi
Project Leader ****************@**********.co.uk ********1485
Charlie Shu
VP ***********@**********.co.uk ********9805
Becky Costanzo
Head of Events **************@**********.co.uk ********0054
Anil Parab
LT WholeTime Director Sr... **********@**********.co.uk ********2706
Hayath Babu
Head of BIM ***********@**********.co.uk ********7074
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Products & Technologies used at L&T

Technology Stack used at L&T
Financial Payroll Communication Workflow
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Products used at L&T
Sap Ledger Excel Access Sage Simply accounting Safe Sap
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Frequently asked questions about L&T

  1. What does L&T's do?
    L&T is a facilities services company based out of United Kingdom
  2. What is L&T's industry?
    L&t operates in Facilities services industry.
  3. What is L&T's revenue?
    L&t's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is L&T's company size?
    L&t's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is L&T's official website?
    www.ltcleaning.co.uk is official website of L&t.