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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website koreanair.com

Leading Global carrier, a founding member of SkyTeam, operates more than 460 flights per day to 125 cities in 44 countries. View More

People working in Korean Air

Jennifer Jung
Sr Group Leader Advertising... *****@*******ir.com ********7903
Peter Blake
Senior Vice President ******@*******ir.com ********9634
Changhoon Kim
Head of Finance and... ****@*******ir.com ********1490
Seongcheol Shin
Vice President Maintenance Engineering... *****@*******ir.com ********3866
Myungsu Kal
VP Passenger Revenue Management... ****@*******ir.com ********8601
Taerin Lee
Frontend team leader for... ****@*******ir.com ********4359
Eun Park
Vice President *****@*******ir.com ********4125
Michael Sloan
Vice President ******@*******ir.com ********6981
Asilbek Bakiev
AdministrativeSales Unite Leader *******@*******ir.com ********3368
Faith Nilo
executive secretary ******@*******ir.com ********0120
Dong Kim
Team Leader ****@*******ir.com ********7378
Taeil Lee
Managing Vice President ****@*******ir.com ********8032
Yohan Yohan
Team Leader ******@*******ir.com ********4399
Shinkyun Yoo
Head of Finance Planning... ****@*******ir.com ********7427
Roberta Rosa
executive secretary *****@*******ir.com ********5819
Jenny Breaux
Vice President *******@*******ir.com ********0780
Vasu Batumalai
Team Leader **********@*******ir.com ********2797
Byungkey Baek
Managing Vice President *****@*******ir.com ********8466
James Koh
Head Of Internal Audit... ****@*******ir.com ********9633
Heejung Choi
Principal General Manager *****@*******ir.com ********0131
Youngsoo Lee
Head of Maintenance Training... ****@*******ir.com ********8163
Dave Huntzinger
VP Safety Security Compliance... ***************@*******ir.com ********5355
Young Cho
VP *********@*******ir.com ********2491
Ken Seong
Head of US Supply... ******@*******ir.com ********3622
John Jackson
Managing Vice President Sales... ********@*******ir.com ********0852
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Products & Technologies used at Korean Air

Technology Stack used at KOREAN AIR
Protection Customer service Security Communication Security safety Operations Safety security
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Products used at KOREAN AIR
Aws Azure Air Flight Marshalling
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Frequently asked questions about Korean Air

  1. What does KOREAN AIR's do?
    Leading Global carrier, a founding member of SkyTeam, operates more than 460 flights per day to 125 cities in 44 countries.
  2. What is KOREAN AIR's industry?
    Korean air operates in Airlines/aviation industry.
  3. What is KOREAN AIR's revenue?
    Korean air's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is KOREAN AIR's company size?
    Korean air's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is KOREAN AIR's official website?
    www.koreanair.com is official website of Korean air.