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Konecta Peru Logo

Konecta Peru


  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +34 911 77 93 00
  • Website

Konecta Peru offers customized solutions in BPO and Contact Center, in addition to having a high social and sustainable commitment View More

Atención al cliente... Telemarketing BPO - CEM... Customer Experience Cobranzas Back Office Innovación Transformación Digital Inclusión Equidad View More

People working in Konecta Peru

Atenas Gonzales
Servicio de atencion al... a*********@*********** ********7574
Miguel Acosta
Representante del servicio de... m******@*********** ********3960
Edita Cajusol
Representante del servicio de... e*******@*********** ********8343
Katy Ylla
Asesor del servicio de... k****@*********** ********6560
Edith Castro
Representante del servicio de... e******@*********** ********3077
Abigail Tirado
Servicio de atencion al... a******@*********** ********8748
Diego Grados
Servicio de atencion al... d******@*********** ********3769
Yadira Guevara
Servicio de atencion al... y*******@*********** ********6724
Guillermo Diaz
Representante del servicio de... g****@*********** ********5990
Aaron Diaz
Servicio de atencion al... a****@*********** ********7556
Claudia Valle
Servicio de atencion al... c*****@*********** ********4799
Fabiana Salazar
Asesor del servicio de... f*******@*********** ********9897
Rodrigo Mendoza
Representante del servicio de... r*******@*********** ********7205
Rosa Palomino
Representante del servicio de... r********@*********** ********0705
Andrea Matamet
Servicio de atencion al... a*******@*********** ********3040
Eustacio Brito
Representante del servicio de... e*****@*********** ********8775
Renato Castaneda
Representante del servicio de... r*********@*********** ********5868
Thatiana Delgado
Servicio de atencion al... t*******@*********** ********9526
Kalajari Yzaga
Servicio de atencion al... k*****@*********** ********4482
Jhoana Pulgar
Servicio de atencion al... j******@*********** ********5398
Mayra L
Representante del servicio de... m*@*********** ********0413
Sheyla L
Responsable del servicio de... s*@*********** ********3788
Alison Hurtado
Agente del servicio de... a*******@*********** ********3663
Elvis Carhuas
Servicio tecnico e*******@*********** ********1503
Gleyci Diaz
Servicio de atencion al... g****@*********** ********5616
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Products & Technologies used at Konecta Peru

Technology Stack used at KONECTA PERU
Webflow Youtube Amazon web services Linkedin ads Jsdelivr Jquery cdn Google hosted libraries Google analytics Linkedin insight tag Jquery Core-js Google font api Weglot Zendesk Google workspace Cloudflare Amazon ses Open graph Docusign
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Products used at KONECTA PERU
Portal Tracker Flex Next Firefox Canvas Root Jquery Animate Google analytics Wordpress Pluma
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Frequently asked questions about Konecta Peru

  1. What does KONECTA PERU's do?
    Konecta Peru offers customized solutions in BPO and Contact Center, in addition to having a high social and sustainable commitment
  2. What are Konecta Peru's specialities?
    Atención al cliente , Telemarketing , Bpo - cem solutions , Customer experience , Cobranzas , Back office , Innovación , Transformación digital , Inclusión , Equidad
  3. What is KONECTA PERU's industry?
    Konecta peru operates in Telecommunications industry.
  4. What is KONECTA PERU's HQ phone number?
    Konecta peru's HQ Phone number is +34 911 77 93 00
  5. What is KONECTA PERU's revenue?
    Konecta peru's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is KONECTA PERU's company size?
    Konecta peru's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is KONECTA PERU's official website? is official website of Konecta peru.