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Information Services

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

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Conferences Business Development Professional Development &... Market Research Global Finance Innovation Business Strategy Networking Communities Life Sciences Telecoms Media & Technology... Events Maritime Insight Connections View More

People working in KNect365

Nina Pulliainen
Owner n**************@******* ********5937
Kari Leppanen
Owner k************@******* ********8363
Nina Pulliainen
Owner n**************@******* ********7842
Diana Ramirez
Integrity Team leader d************@******* ********4398
Carol Chamberlin
Database Team Leader c***************@******* ********6551
Carmen Lee
Head Of Logistics c*********@******* ********8714
Roxanne John
VP Marketing r***********@******* ********8111
Daniella Seghieri
head of operationstmt events... d*******@******* ********1579
Tamsin Aspinall
VP Marketing t**************@******* ********2657
Paul Copello
Sales VP p***********@******* ********9278
Yury Rush
Director of New Media... y********@******* ********8723
Terri Sobolgraber
director of business development... t****************@******* ********4936
Anne Reel
Program Director a********@******* ********2552
Emily Heap
Conference Director e*********@******* ********8194
Claudia Cornelius
Marketing Director c****************@******* ********5050
Helen Crocker
Conference Director h************@******* ********3566
Mariella Fossi
Sales Director m*************@******* ********3338
Janko Jankovic
director j*************@******* ********2354
Janet Corden
Divisional Director j***********@******* ********8638
Emmy Nieves
Facilities Manager e**********@******* ********6996
Ondrej Jobanek
Sales manager o*************@******* ********6219
Christian Edmund
manager c***************@******* ********3845
Donovan Jones
Content Manager d************@******* ********4702
Lucy Geraghty
conference manager l************@******* ********6032
Viktoriia Derkach
campaign marketing manager v****************@******* ********4622
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Products & Technologies used at KNect365

Products used at KNECT365
Next Motion Aws Amazon connect Workplace
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Frequently asked questions about KNect365

  1. What does KNECT365's do?
    Weve moved Find us at our new Informa Connect LinkedIn Page!
  2. What are KNect365's specialities?
    Conferences , Business development , Professional development & learning , Market research , Global finance , Innovation , Business strategy , Networking , Communities , Life sciences , Telecoms , Media & technology , Events , Maritime , Insight , Connections
  3. What is KNECT365's industry?
    Knect365 operates in Information services industry.
  4. What is KNECT365's revenue?
    Knect365's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is KNECT365's company size?
    Knect365's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is KNECT365's official website? is official website of Knect365.