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As a Kimberly-Clark employee, you have an opportunity to impact billions of lives through the products we make, the workplaces we create and the communities we serve. The proof is in our purpose Here, we are creating Better Care for a Better World and it starts with YOU! Learn more about us and see what inspires you, Through collaborative teams that push boundaries and endless opportunities to work with some of the worlds most recognized brands, at Kimberly-Clark you and your purpose are in the driver seat of your career. Huggies. Kleenex. Andrex. Scott. Kotex. Poise. Depend. The proof is in our products For 150 years, our brands have been brought to market by a team of purpose-led innovators dedicated to creating Better Care for a Better World. And it takes the right peoplein the right jobs and the right placeto make that happen. Join our 45,000+ employees who are changing the world for the better and generously giving back to communities and causes around the globe. Better Care for a Better World starts by taking care of you and giving you what you need to succeed. Were dedicated to breaking down barriers to speed decision making and creating a workplace with relentless focus on our consumers and growing our people, like you. The proof is in our people weve been rated as one of Forbes 2022 Worlds Best Employers, and its because of the caring people and the amazing culture that brings out the best in everyone. Join our employees in our amazing culture that brings out the best in everyone. To make Kimberly-Clarks social media channels an engaging, respectful environment, here are our Community Guidelines: View More

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People working in Kimberly-Clark

Oscar Alarcon
Maintenance Technician Leader *************@*
Julie Whalen
Senior Global Quality Leader,... ************@*
Shontell Vollenstee
Environmental, Health and Safety... *******************@*
Tracy Kretz
Sr. Team Leader, Brand... ***********@*
Rachel Calahan
Principal Consumer Services Specialist... **************@*
Emily Anderson-miller
Senior Procurement Leader, Supplier... ********************@*
James Dundas
UK & WE Transport... ************@*
Chris Britten
Machine Leader *************@*
Alyona Minenko
Attorney (Head of legal... **************@*
Global Head of Engineering... ***********@*
Adrienne Altman
Vice President Total Rewards... ***************@*
Julie Nackers
Order Management COE Leader... *************@*
Jenny Nicholson
Pharmacy Team Leader ***************@*
Javier Alvarez
Converting Team Leader **************@*
Myrto Dimoula
Front End Innovation Leader... *************@*
Anubhav Agrawal
eCommerce Business Leader ***************@*
Clayton Gann
Project Leader ************@*
Chris Bauer
Engineering Team Leader ***********@*
Gil Zilberman
Finance and control leader... *************@*
Ryan Meadowcroft
KCP Supply Chain Planning... ****************@*
Abhimanyu Singh
Sr. Leader - Digital... ***************@*
Hilda M
International Trade Andes Leader... *******@*
Brandon Gautreaux
Continuous Improvement Change Leader... *****************@*
Glenn Hunt
Process Leader **********@*
Erin Ehmke
Vice President of Customer... **********@*
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Products & Technologies used at Kimberly-Clark

Technology Stack used at KIMBERLY-CLARK
Access management Accessibility Active directory Android Angular Angularjs Archiving Asset life cycle Ata Automated testing Automotive Aws azure Azure service Bi visualization Billing Bluetooth Calibration Cgmp Change control Cloud architecture
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Products used at KIMBERLY-CLARK
Acrobat Adp Air Alexa Ansible Apprentice Ariba Asp Aurora Beacon Bixby Board Burp suite Business objects Calibre Cisco Cms Confluence Cortana Creative cloud
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Frequently asked questions about Kimberly-Clark

  1. What does KIMBERLY-CLARK's do?
    As a Kimberly-Clark employee, you have an opportunity to impact billions of lives through the products we make, the workplaces we create and the communities we serve. The proof is in our purpose Here, we are creating Better Care for a Better World and it starts with YOU! Learn more about us and see what inspires you, Through collaborative...
  2. What are Kimberly-Clark's specialities?
    Leading world essentials better life
  3. What is KIMBERLY-CLARK's industry?
    Kimberly-clark operates in Manufacturing industry.
  4. What is KIMBERLY-CLARK's revenue?
    Kimberly-clark's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is KIMBERLY-CLARK's company size?
    Kimberly-clark's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is KIMBERLY-CLARK's official website? is official website of Kimberly-clark.