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KGK Diamonds India Pvt Ltd

Luxury Goods & Jewelry

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +1 212-893-8080
  • Website

WORLD OF RUSSIAN DIAMONDS the company finds the best in the man, hard work and good skills are the main reason for such a successful company View More

People working in KGK Diamonds India Pvt Ltd

Madhav Reddy
Head ******@****** ********0965
Mitesh Chheda
manager *******@****** ********7039
Jatin Savaliya
Manager *********@****** ********5541
Satishkadiya Kadiya
Team Lead *******@****** ********3344
Vaibhav Kothari
Merchandise Manager ********@****** ********4055
Deepak Jain
QC manager for VVS... *****@****** ********9833
Deepak Lalwani
Merchandise Manager ********@****** ********7555
Dipak Shah
senior manager costing and... *****@****** ********3843
Rahul Seth
Client management *****@****** ********9136
Deepak Lalwani
Mercandize Manager ********@****** ********4650
Aakash Panchal
Manager of Planning ********@****** ********2508
Vishal Virani
Team Lead Manager *******@****** ********2075
Naresh Shiroya
Sales Manager ********@****** ********1128
Somaya Mills
human resources manager ******@****** ********5791
Abhinav Nabera
Assistant Manager *******@****** ********1447
Pravin Suryawanshi
Manager Costing ************@****** ********7523
Neelesh Mishra
Production Planning Manager *******@****** ********5608
Vijay Kumar
General Manager ******@****** ********6254
Chaitanya Kadiwala
assistant manager human resources... *********@****** ********8285
Jagatsingh Negi
Assistant Manager *****@****** ********7539
Mohan Chouhan
Cost Accounting Manager ********@****** ********8669
Atit Doctor
Reporting Specialist *******@****** ********1798
Amit Patel
Assistant Manager ******@****** ********6292
Shraddha Dwivedi
HR Officer ********@****** ********1470
Sachin Lade
Assistant Manager *****@****** ********3211
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Frequently asked questions about KGK Diamonds India Pvt Ltd

  1. What does KGK DIAMONDS INDIA PVT LTD's do?
    WORLD OF RUSSIAN DIAMONDS the company finds the best in the man, hard work and good skills are the main reason for such a successful company
  2. What is KGK DIAMONDS INDIA PVT LTD's industry?
    Kgk diamonds india pvt ltd operates in Luxury goods & jewelry industry.
  3. What is KGK DIAMONDS INDIA PVT LTD's HQ phone number?
    Kgk diamonds india pvt ltd's HQ Phone number is +1 212-893-8080
  4. What is KGK DIAMONDS INDIA PVT LTD's revenue?
    Kgk diamonds india pvt ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is KGK DIAMONDS INDIA PVT LTD's company size?
    Kgk diamonds india pvt ltd's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is KGK DIAMONDS INDIA PVT LTD's official website? is official website of Kgk diamonds india pvt ltd.