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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
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  • Website juniorleague.org

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People working in Junior League

Maya Walters
Director of Event Logistics... *********@******in.org ********3286
Adam Fairley
General Manager ************@******in.org ********9953
Rose Perry
Manager *******@******in.org ********8576
Ro Septien
Community Manager *********@******in.org ********2670
Alma Wunderlin
Office Manager ***********@******in.org ********6142
Lezlie Davis
Mngr *******@******in.org ********9527
Karen Ames
Sustainer ******@******in.org ********0905
Susan Dimick
Sales ********@******in.org ********1813
Anna Blumenfeld
Volunteer ************@******in.org ********9211
Gloria Sheridan
Tesorero **********@******in.org ********4764
Judy Cunniff
community volunteer *********@******in.org ********9917
Debbie Deuser
Part time assistant ********@******in.org ********2470
Cristian Gonzalez
gte **********@******in.org ********3778
Gina Flynn
Volunteer *******@******in.org ********0247
Laura Christine
Member ***************@******in.org ********9760
Elizabeth Llorens
Area Advisor *********@******in.org ********8880
Jennifer Massey
Volunteer ********@******in.org ********1351
Mandalena Lena
msrjunior **************@******in.org ********5460
Ardele Wheeler
Retired *********@******in.org ********7672
Amula Srihari
Teaching *********@******in.org ********8319
P West
Coach ******@******in.org ********3088
Jennifer Cummings
member **********@******in.org ********8076
Lena Powers
Organization Communication ********@******in.org ********4686
Pamela Thomasson
Grantwriter ***********@******in.org ********3707
Chanel Fields
BMO Writer ********@******in.org ********1107
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Frequently asked questions about Junior League

  1. What does JUNIOR LEAGUE's do?
    Junior League; Philanthropy
  2. What is JUNIOR LEAGUE's industry?
    Junior league operates in Philanthropy industry.
  3. What is JUNIOR LEAGUE's revenue?
    Junior league's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is JUNIOR LEAGUE's company size?
    Junior league's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is JUNIOR LEAGUE's official website?
    www.juniorleague.org is official website of Junior league.