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Packaging and Containers

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +352 45 10 22 211
  • Website jindalfilms.com

Jindal Films is a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty films with almost 50 years of expertise for flexible packaging and labelling markets. Within Flexible Packaging, Jindal Films provides films that lead the market in terms of barrier to moisture, oxygen, and flavor & aroma. These barriers protect package contents and extend the shelf-life of consumer products so our customers can expand their product distribution channels, reduce stales and keep products tasting first day fresh. Our barrier technology is available in our range of BicorTM, MetallyteTM and OppalyteTM films. Jindal Films also offers BOPE films for mono-material recyclable packaging with a range of films under Ethy-LyteTM and SealTOUGHTM brands. No matter what decorating technology you use, Jindal Films has a film solution for your labeling needs. Our Label-LyteTM films are dedicated to labelling decoration technologies - Pressure Sensitive, IML, wrap-around - offering specifically engineered film solutions to address your needs and expectations. Jindal Films manages and operates its business regionally with two headquarter locations in Luxembourg, Europe and Lagrange, Georgia, USA. In 2018, B.C. Jindal Group acquired Treofan Germany GMBH. The acquisition of Treofan Europe strengthens B.C. Jindal groups position in the industry, offering a very broad and complementary range, including technical and tobacco films, and an appealing value proposition to support customers evolving needs. Jindal Films has affiliated production plants in Europe (Virton, Belgium; Kerkrade, The Netherlands; Neunkirchen, Germany; Brindisi and Terni in Italy), and in the United States (LaGrange, Georgia; and Shawnee, Oklahoma). The company and its affiliates have sales offices to support customer needs in countries around the world, including North and South America, Europe and Asia, with a global group headcount of approximately 3000 View More

People working in Jindal Films

Mark Miller
Vice President Human Resources... ***********@*********ms.com ********5103
Holger Petrick
Head of IT Infrastructure... **************@*********ms.com ********3389
Sonia Panwar
Assistant Vice President MA... ************@*********ms.com ********6605
Todd Folks
Section Leader **********@*********ms.com ********7829
Jeanpierre Saunier
Head of Logistics and... ******************@*********ms.com ********3683
Kerolos Emill
Global NPD Supply Chain... *************@*********ms.com ********6217
Michele Fina
production team leader ************@*********ms.com ********9976
Bernard Baulard
Unit Leader production ***************@*********ms.com ********9984
Todd Folk
Section Leader *********@*********ms.com ********0175
Jeff Gerner
Section Leader ***********@*********ms.com ********1985
Alan Bates
Orientation Section Leader **********@*********ms.com ********6769
Marco Miglietta
Production team leader ***************@*********ms.com ********5963
Meinhard Bies
Head of Central Planung... *************@*********ms.com ********3112
Patrick Soh
Head of Sales Asia... ***********@*********ms.com ********7829
Rick Estorga
Operations Team Leader ************@*********ms.com ********3007
Luke Clark
Head of Sales Europe... **********@*********ms.com ********3641
Alberto Nonino
Key Account Director **************@*********ms.com ********8551
Bill Nelson
Director Of Innovation ***********@*********ms.com ********1477
Salonee Gupta
Global Director Strategy Operations... *************@*********ms.com ********3057
Serge Francois
Director **************@*********ms.com ********2311
Christian Cavez
Director Of Information Technology... ***************@*********ms.com ********8173
Mirek Tokaj
Marketing Director ***********@*********ms.com ********9765
Aloys Slenders
Site Director JFE Kerkrade... **************@*********ms.com ********1107
Amandine Taylor
Marketing Communications Manager ***************@*********ms.com ********6015
Lorenzo Grassi
operation supervisor **************@*********ms.com ********5615
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Products & Technologies used at Jindal Films

Technology Stack used at JINDAL FILMS
Packaging Market data Scheduling Infrastructure Troubleshooting Root cause analysis Operations Talent acquisition Compliance Customer service Communication Procedure Financial Forecasting Archiving Payment Server Windows Collaboration Database
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Products used at JINDAL FILMS
Aws Sap Teamwork Sap Visit Jquery Flex Max Animate Next Canvas Woocommerce Wordpress Cream Pe Redis Fusion Access Google analytics Microsoft word
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Frequently asked questions about Jindal Films

  1. What does JINDAL FILMS's do?
    Jindal Films is a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty films with almost 50 years of expertise for flexible packaging and labelling markets. Within Flexible Packaging, Jindal Films provides films that lead the market in terms of barrier to moisture, oxygen, and flavor & aroma. These barriers protect package contents and extend the shelf-life of consumer products...
  2. What is JINDAL FILMS's industry?
    Jindal films operates in Packaging and containers industry.
  3. What is JINDAL FILMS's HQ phone number?
    Jindal films's HQ Phone number is +352 45 10 22 211
  4. What is JINDAL FILMS's revenue?
    Jindal films's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is JINDAL FILMS's company size?
    Jindal films's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is JINDAL FILMS's official website?
    www.jindalfilms.com is official website of Jindal films.