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James Hargest College Logo

James Hargest College

Education Management

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +64 3-217 6129
  • Website

James Hargest College is an education management company based out of Layard Street, INVERCARGILL, New Zealand View More

People working in James Hargest College

Holly Bradshaw
Teacher, Year 8 Syndicate... h********@***************** ********0579
Aloma Awilliams
Deputy Principal a*********@***************** ********4970
Lesley Little
Head of Music l******@***************** ********8484
Jane Pearce
PA to Principal/International Home... j******@***************** ********5136
Craig Lineham
Head Of Department c*******@***************** ********1876
Aloma Williams
Deputy Principal a********@***************** ********2431
Andy Wood
Principal a****@***************** ********1639
Samantha Stephens
Head Of Department s********@***************** ********1741
Paul Burrows
Head of Graphics and... p*******@***************** ********1846
Jenny Elder
Director of International Students... j*****@***************** ********8484
Lara Buchanan
Co-Director of International Students... l********@***************** ********9763
Kerry Krodger
Specialist Teacher Food &... k*******@***************** ********2332
Kirsty Adam
Library Manager k****@***************** ********6256
Sharon Fosbender
teacher aide/canteen manager s*********@***************** ********3618
Bryan Hughes
Property Manager/ Teacher b******@***************** ********9817
Lesley Mcdonald
Student Administrator l********@***************** ********0483
Denise Sanderson
HOD of the Student... d*********@***************** ********3445
Deborah Patterson
Science Teacher d*********@***************** ********9445
Yon Yu
Teacher y**@***************** ********7390
Sarah Greeff
Secondary Digital Technology Teacher... s******@***************** ********7947
Paul Redmond
Teacher in charge of... p*******@***************** ********5442
John V
Teacher j*@***************** ********1777
Kay Ward
Retired Visual Art Teacher... k****@***************** ********5912
Dane Carstensen
Physical Education Teacher d**********@***************** ********2804
Ella Robertson
Student e*********@***************** ********8961
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Products & Technologies used at James Hargest College

Google analytics Norton Cms Google drive James Jquery Leo Links Max Norton 360 Office 365 Pages Portal Visit Windows 10
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Frequently asked questions about James Hargest College

  1. What does JAMES HARGEST COLLEGE's do?
    James Hargest College is an education management company based out of Layard Street, INVERCARGILL, New Zealand
  2. What is JAMES HARGEST COLLEGE's industry?
    James hargest college operates in Education management industry.
  3. What is JAMES HARGEST COLLEGE's HQ phone number?
    James hargest college's HQ Phone number is +64 3-217 6129
  4. What is JAMES HARGEST COLLEGE's revenue?
    James hargest college's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is JAMES HARGEST COLLEGE's company size?
    James hargest college's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is JAMES HARGEST COLLEGE's official website? is official website of James hargest college.