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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 201-377-5952
  • Website

With IRCTC Tourism, IRCTC arranges for full train charters, coaches as well as reserved berth programmes through regular trains for tourism purposes View More

People working in IRCTC Tourism

Vishnu Zine
Tour Leader ***********@********** ********6020
Manoj Barnwal
Deputy General Manager Operations... *************@********** ********9865
Usha Nair
Manager *********@********** ********6614
Kartikaya Dantia
Assistant Manager ****************@********** ********2989
Himangshu Bezbaruah
Sales Manager *******************@********** ********0343
Alankar Pandey
Travel Consultant **************@********** ********6305
Abhinav Gupta
Senior Supervisor *************@********** ********1254
Ranveer Gupta
scout manager *************@********** ********1250
Kartikaya Dantia
Assistant Manager ****************@********** ********1813
Ritupran Phukan
Tourism Specialist ***************@********** ********0620
Bhanu Prakash
Senior Supervisor *************@********** ********5546
Sanu Murmu
Supervisor **********@********** ********2538
Mayank Bakshi
Tour Manager *************@********** ********4948
Pradeep Jharbade
Hospitality Catring Supervisor ****************@********** ********8911
Kiran Naidu
Assistant Manager ***********@********** ********8810
L Subramani
Tourism Manager ***********@********** ********6533
Ravi Jangale
Manager Tourism ************@********** ********3779
Amar Jha
SrCaptain ********@********** ********7148
Mohit Kumar
Application Support Engineer ***********@********** ********9110
Bharat Jaiswal
Software Developer **************@********** ********3059
Akshat Bansal
Graphic Designer *************@********** ********6195
Ashish Rastogi
Tester **************@********** ********9013
Raju Prajapati
Account Executive **************@********** ********0437
Poonam Lendave
Back Office Executive **************@********** ********2266
Anubhav Tandon
Executive **************@********** ********7242
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Products & Technologies used at IRCTC Tourism

Products used at IRCTC TOURISM
Marketo Portal Chrome Air Jquery Animate
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Frequently asked questions about IRCTC Tourism

  1. What does IRCTC TOURISM's do?
    With IRCTC Tourism, IRCTC arranges for full train charters, coaches as well as reserved berth programmes through regular trains for tourism purposes
  2. What is IRCTC TOURISM's industry?
    Irctc tourism operates in Hospitality industry.
  3. What is IRCTC TOURISM's HQ phone number?
    Irctc tourism's HQ Phone number is +1 201-377-5952
  4. What is IRCTC TOURISM's revenue?
    Irctc tourism's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is IRCTC TOURISM's company size?
    Irctc tourism's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is IRCTC TOURISM's official website? is official website of Irctc tourism.