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India Garage Logo

India Garage


  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +91 80 4110 6006
  • Website

India Garage is an automotive company based out of Church St, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India View More

People working in India Garage

Vijayalakshmi Mahesh
cro v*******************@********** ********9816
Sharath M
Team Lead` s********@********** ********2900
Satheesh Jayaprakash
Head Of Sales s*******************@********** ********1806
Subbu Subbu
Team Leader s**********@********** ********7972
Subramanian Santhome
TEAM LEADER s************************@********** ********3072
Satheesh Jayaprakash
Head Of Sales Operations... s*******************@********** ********8836
Dilip Kumar
Sales Team Lead d**********@********** ********5495
Rajesh Barki
TEAM LEADER r***********@********** ********6364
Kavi Tha
team leader k*******@********** ********0912
Prem Nath
senior corporate sales head... p********@********** ********3860
Premnath Muthu
Senior Corporate Sales Head... p*************@********** ********1289
Kavitha Rajesh
Team Lead k*************@********** ********5421
Mohan Kumar
Head Manketing & CR... m**********@********** ********2715
Megha Raj
TECHNICAL MANAGER m********@********** ********3320
Deena Joyappa
CUSTOMER RELATION MANAGER d************@********** ********3742
Paul Melvin
consultant p**********@********** ********6117
Venkatramani Soundararajan
MANAGER v*************************@********** ********2464
Bushra S
Human Resources Specialist b*******@********** ********2204
Chaitanya Murthy
Digital Engagement Manager c***************@********** ********4723
Gerald Jackie
Parts Manager g************@********** ********9383
Explorica Tours
Branch Manager e**************@********** ********5555
Lakshmikanth L
Sales Manager l*************@********** ********8633
Sudharshan Venkataswamy
Asst manager s**********************@********** ********4463
Sidda Raju
Sales Consultant s*********@********** ********2709
India Garage
IT Manager i***********@********** ********2266
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Products & Technologies used at India Garage

Technology Stack used at INDIA GARAGE
Php Youtube Mustache Nginx Google tag manager Cdnjs Crazy egg New relic Modernizr Jquery Google analytics Whatsapp business chat Cloudflare Webpack Module federation
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Frequently asked questions about India Garage

  1. What does INDIA GARAGE's do?
    India Garage is an automotive company based out of Church St, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  2. What is INDIA GARAGE's industry?
    India garage operates in Automotive industry.
  3. What is INDIA GARAGE's HQ phone number?
    India garage's HQ Phone number is +91 80 4110 6006
  4. What is INDIA GARAGE's revenue?
    India garage's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is INDIA GARAGE's company size?
    India garage's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is INDIA GARAGE's official website? is official website of India garage.