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Ichikoh Industries Logo

Ichikoh Industries


  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

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People working in Ichikoh Industries

Christophe Vilatte
President, CEO C*****************@***** ********1497
leader ********4248
Pupung Purnaman
President Director of PTII... P**************@***** ********1706
Masaki Hatano
Product Design Leader M************@***** ********9380
leader ********7803
Sylvain Paraffe
ASEAN RO Project Director... S**************@***** ********0506
Bernd Rieger
Group Deputy Finance Director... B***********@***** ********7498
Olivier Absous
Sales Director O*************@***** ********1991
Sebastien Denis
Advanced Development Director, Managing... S**************@***** ********6049
Arnaud Uhrich
Deputy Purchasing Director A************@***** ********4673
Tetsuya Shida
Managing Director T************@***** ********2462
Damien Le
Executive Officer - Group... D********@***** ********5890
Alicia Li
ASEAN Financial Director A********@***** ********6784
Ohkohdo Masaya
(Section manager) O*************@***** ********7908
Dawan Eamsutjarit
Customer Quality Manager D****************@***** ********6256
Thanakorn Phothongkam
Quality Supervisor T********************@***** ********3318
Prasath Sivasundaram
Manager P*******************@***** ********0664
Kumamoto Toshihiro
Manager K*****************@***** ********3735
Belhassen Etteibi
senior sap technical consultant... b****************@***** ********6908
Sarinya Phuwathanarak
Sales Account Manager S********************@***** ********6430
Darren Xu
IS manager D********@***** ********0987
Zunaidah Ishak
P-30 Manager Z*************@***** ********5599
Toshiaki Yoshida
Section manager T***************@***** ********5927
Motokazu Kaneko
Corporate Planning Section Senior... M**************@***** ********4856
Fatimah Afifah
Supply Chain Management -... F*************@***** ********8652
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Frequently asked questions about Ichikoh Industries

  1. What does ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES's do?
    Automotive Lighting Products
  2. What is ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES's industry?
    Ichikoh industries operates in Automotive industry.
  3. What is ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES's revenue?
    Ichikoh industries's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES's company size?
    Ichikoh industries's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is ICHIKOH INDUSTRIES's official website? is official website of Ichikoh industries.