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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +98 21 4495 8540
  • Website hyperme.ir

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People working in HyperME

Mojtaba Haseli
Head Chef *******@****rme.ir ********3668
Hadis Kian
Head Of Human Resources... *****@****rme.ir ********1066
Davoud Ebrahimi
Human Resources Development Specialist... ******@****rme.ir ********7852
Ali Asghar
IT Manager ***@****rme.ir ********2175
Hamid Alipour
Information Technology Specialist *****@****rme.ir ********8222
Fariborz Behrouz
Order Manager ********@****rme.ir ********2833
Asad Shafiei
Sales And Marketing Specialist... ****@****rme.ir ********5001
Hamidreza Shahravi
Computer Specialist *********@****rme.ir ********8575
Parviz Saeedi
Business Development Manager ******@****rme.ir ********0615
Javad Jalali
Retail Manager *****@****rme.ir ********7150
Sahar Beigi
Information Technology Specialist *****@****rme.ir ********3966
Hamed Azish
Network Administrator *****@****rme.ir ********4394
Reza Mousavi
Information Technology Network Engineer... ****@****rme.ir ********0263
Mohammad Heidari
Mobile Application Developer ********@****rme.ir ********3802
Avide Mostaan
Graphic Designer *****@****rme.ir ********8894
Saeed Khorshidi
Network Engineer ***************@****rme.ir ********5958
Whyd Lyzdh
IT expert ****@****rme.ir ********8202
Za Mko
project managment **@****rme.ir ********4586
Zahra Pourhasan
Accountant *****@****rme.ir ********5465
Ali Mohammadi
Information Technology Expert ***@****rme.ir ********5281
Maryam Akram
Sales Expert ******@****rme.ir ********7024
Fateme Saadat
casher ******@****rme.ir ********9294
Ali Movaghari
IT Expert ***@****rme.ir ********5217
Maryam Rahimi
Accountant ******@****rme.ir ********3814
Mobina Ahmadi
Cashier ******@****rme.ir ********8297
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Frequently asked questions about HyperME

  1. What does HYPERME's do?
    The Middle east Hyper
  2. What is HYPERME's industry?
    Hyperme operates in Retail industry.
  3. What is HYPERME's HQ phone number?
    Hyperme's HQ Phone number is +98 21 4495 8540
  4. What is HYPERME's revenue?
    Hyperme's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is HYPERME's company size?
    Hyperme's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is HYPERME's official website?
    www.hyperme.ir is official website of Hyperme.