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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +44 1923 473561
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Homesense is an exciting place to work with a rapid pace, different challenges every day, and a unique culture of teamwork and collaboration. We are part of TJX, the leading off-price retailer of fashion and homeware worldwide. The other TJX brand in Europe is TK Maxx, while elsewhere in the world there are Marshalls, Winners, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Sierra Trading Post and Trade Secret. Currently, we have over 40 Homesense stores in the UK and Ireland, offering contemporary branded and high quality homeware from across the globe, all at up to 60% less than the recommended retail price. We have big plans to open more stores in the next few years. Our collaborative culture At Homesense, were all about collaboration. The atmosphere is informal, open and friendly. We value flexibility and adaptability. And we emphasise the importance of building working relationships and helping colleagues succeed. When you first join, you get time to develop those crucial relationships. That way, you always have someone to ask for help. Whats it like? People who like working at TJX Europe really like it in fact, many have been with us for years because of our collaborative culture and varied opportunities. Its an exciting and unpredictable place to work, so being adaptable is key. If youre open-minded, resilient, happy to ask for advice and help others and you have a can-do attitude, youll fit in just fine. This is a place where you can be yourself and where nice people get on well. Your opportunities Join Homesense and everyone here will want you to succeed although you will have to drive your own development. If youd like to change to another part of the business, well usually offer support and training to help. Likewise, there may even be opportunities to switch jobs to another part of the world. Theres a huge variety of careers available in the TJX group. Check out our current jobs and see if any suit you. View More

People working in HomeSense

Klaudia Sobolewska
Team Leader ******************@******* ********8983
Hope Blumenfeld
Coordinator ***************@******* ********3324
Adele Ruck
Team Leader **********@******* ********5814
Melissa Lelis
Team Leader *************@******* ********1915
Dean Winconek
Retail Team Leader *************@******* ********7874
Jo Hansen
retail team leader *********@******* ********2326
Jasmin Simons
Team Leader *************@******* ********8186
Caitlin Whitehead
Team Leader *****************@******* ********4684
Vasiliki Theou
Team Leader **************@******* ********9460
Hanna Smith
Visual Merchandising Team Leader... ***********@******* ********3442
Natalie Higham
Team leader **************@******* ********2255
Lynn Hancox
Team Leader ***********@******* ********0509
Nicole Brogan
Team Leader *************@******* ********9676
Amie Rattray
Team leader ************@******* ********5498
Kenny Mcgarrigle
Team Leader ****************@******* ********0830
Oran Scanlan
Team Leader ************@******* ********4926
Vicky Cole
Team leader **********@******* ********1985
Luke Britton
Team Leader ************@******* ********1706
Lorraine Duguay
Associe principal ***************@******* ********1099
Rachel Leadbetter
Team Leader *****************@******* ********4304
Tiffany Orchard
Team Leader ***************@******* ********6151
Gemma Weimar
Team Leader ************@******* ********2525
Stuart Winfield
Team leader in training... ***************@******* ********3291
Gregory Taylor
Team leader **************@******* ********0804
Megan Smith
Team Leader ***********@******* ********0049
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Products & Technologies used at HomeSense

Technology Stack used at HOMESENSE
Scheduling Operations Compliance Collaboration Communication Operating procedures Customer service Protection Windows Risk Media Spreadsheet Printing Security Link Financial Presence
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Products used at HOMESENSE
Google optimize 360 Lamp Pimcore Portal Ultimate Safe Messaging Pe Origin Leo Ckeditor Drupal Jquery Workplace Gift Next Visit Word Excel Access
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Frequently asked questions about HomeSense

  1. What does HOMESENSE's do?
    Homesense is an exciting place to work with a rapid pace, different challenges every day, and a unique culture of teamwork and collaboration. We are part of TJX, the leading off-price retailer of fashion and homeware worldwide. The other TJX brand in Europe is TK Maxx, while elsewhere in the world there are Marshalls, Winners, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Sierra...
  2. What is HOMESENSE's industry?
    Homesense operates in Retail industry.
  3. What is HOMESENSE's HQ phone number?
    Homesense's HQ Phone number is +44 1923 473561
  4. What is HOMESENSE's revenue?
    Homesense's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is HOMESENSE's company size?
    Homesense's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is HOMESENSE's official website? is official website of Homesense.