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Government Administration

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +977 1-4279715
  • Website

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People working in Government of Nepal GoN

Shankar Nepal
Joint Secretary *************@****** ********0365
Manoj Regmi
Under secretary ***********@****** ********9336
Krishna Bc
Ex Secretary Government of... **********@****** ********5722
Aman Dutta
Chief Medical Officer **********@****** ********2462
Abjan Sum
Secretary *********@****** ********2212
Baikuntha Sharma
Joint Secretary ****************@****** ********3288
Bhuparaj Bhattarai
Vice Principal ******************@****** ********5752
Madhu Bhetuwal
Joint Secretary **************@****** ********2834
Megh Rijal
Undersecretary **********@****** ********4369
Rishi Koirala
Joint Secretary *************@****** ********0943
Dinesh Ghimire
Joint Secretary **************@****** ********1849
Ganesh Singh
Under secretary ************@****** ********8722
Lila Nyaupane
Under Secretary *************@****** ********5638
Ramesh Mainali
UNDER SECRETARY **************@****** ********8248
Bal Bahadur
Sociologist ***********@****** ********1084
Shristi Lamichhane
doctor ******************@****** ********0346
Bisu Kc
Ex Joint Secretary *******@****** ********9227
Purushottam Tiwari
Under Secretary ******************@****** ********1118
Jaya Acharya
Under Secretary ************@****** ********6734
Baldeb Joshi
under secretary ************@****** ********5102
Prem Subedi
Undersecretary ***********@****** ********2540
Sharad Adhikary
Director ***************@****** ********0889
Rd Bhatta
Director Of Information Technology... *********@****** ********3128
Sushma Shrestha
IT Director ***************@****** ********9501
Hari Balbase
director ************@****** ********8551
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Products & Technologies used at Government of Nepal GoN

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Frequently asked questions about Government of Nepal GoN

  1. What does GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL GON's do?
    Government of Nepal
  2. What is GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL GON's industry?
    Government of nepal gon operates in Government administration industry.
  3. What is GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL GON's HQ phone number?
    Government of nepal gon's HQ Phone number is +977 1-4279715
  4. What is GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL GON's revenue?
    Government of nepal gon's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL GON's company size?
    Government of nepal gon's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL GON's official website? is official website of Government of nepal gon.