Government Administration

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +971 56 115 4315
  • Website goeic.gov.eg

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People working in GOEIC

Nabil Ghaba
undersecretary *******@******gov.eg ********0039
Nariman Fayez
Head of heavy metals... *******@******gov.eg ********8177
Ahmed Elmahdy
team leader *********@******gov.eg ********1477
Karim Hossam
Director of Industrial Goods... ********@******gov.eg ********7055
Samah Ali
Director of the followup... *****@******gov.eg ********7554
Samali Ali
director of the followup... *****@******gov.eg ********1820
Tarek Sadat
Manager Director *******@******gov.eg ********6213
Dr Anouss
Manager *********@******gov.eg ********3145
Mohammed Alharouny
Manager ***********@******gov.eg ********0647
Mohamed Ibrahim
Quality Manager *********@******gov.eg ********6321
Ibrahim Salah
Lab Technical Manager *******@******gov.eg ********9211
Rasha Elnemky
Quality Assurance Manager *********@******gov.eg ********2334
Heba Mahmoud
Senior translator Assistant manager... *********@******gov.eg ********5334
Rehab Aly
Technical manager *****@******gov.eg ********1545
Ramy Raafat
Supervisor ********@******gov.eg ********0818
Mohamed Emam
Engineering Consultant ******@******gov.eg ********0175
Mona Fkry
General manager of microbiology... ******@******gov.eg ********2418
Wessam Mahdeee
Technical Manager *********@******gov.eg ********9273
Tarek Galal
General Manager *******@******gov.eg ********8219
Mohamed Ali
Information Technology Manager *****@******gov.eg ********3451
Amir Elsharkawy
IT Operations Manager ************@******gov.eg ********4090
Drgamal Tawoosy
General Manager *********@******gov.eg ********7991
Mohamed Ramadan
Food Safety Specialist *********@******gov.eg ********7613
Sherouk Husein
General Manager ********@******gov.eg ********7082
Mohamed Elbadry
Quality Assurance Manager *********@******gov.eg ********1867
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Frequently asked questions about GOEIC

  1. What does GOEIC's do?
  2. What is GOEIC's industry?
    Goeic operates in Government administration industry.
  3. What is GOEIC's HQ phone number?
    Goeic's HQ Phone number is +971 56 115 4315
  4. What is GOEIC's revenue?
    Goeic's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is GOEIC's company size?
    Goeic's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is GOEIC's official website?
    www.goeic.gov.eg is official website of Goeic.