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Government Relations

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +31 10 465 6400
  • Website

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People working in Gemeente Rotterdam

Ricardo Buskop
head administration ********@****** ********9267
Louisa Querido
secretary of alderman *********@****** ********6224
Vivian Lee
Project Secretary *****@****** ********5541
Marian False
Executive secretary *******@****** ********4166
Gerard Roo
Head Of Operations *****@****** ********1379
Joop Buskens
Ex Head Support Economic... *********@****** ********7957
Alicia Martinbor
Project Leader ***********@****** ********7300
Winnie Lassooij
secretary **********@****** ********4082
Jan Petrovic
directeur **********@****** ********3921
Danny Colijn
Directeur Klantcontact ********@****** ********7399
Jancees B
Project Director ***@****** ********9645
Ronald As
Directeur Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning ****@****** ********2310
Marjo Lamers
Directeur Middelen en ControlConcerncontroller... ********@****** ********6352
Haa Mohamed
Directeur afzonderlijke uitkeringen *********@****** ********1836
Corine Duitman
Directeur Veiligheid *********@****** ********1842
Lambermont Ineke
directiesecretaresse Algemeen Directeur cluster... *******@****** ********3585
Peter Laman
director engineering department *******@****** ********3158
Abderrahmane Gouj
Business Director ******@****** ********8597
Jolanda Denis
Directeur HRO Communicatie *******@****** ********6951
Jaap Janse
Directeur Welzijn Zorg en... *******@****** ********7501
Hans Nijman
Directeur Bijzondere Opdrachten ********@****** ********9838
Barry Derksen
director research *********@****** ********0346
Miriam Harika
Directeur Stadsbeheer Toezicht en... ********@****** ********7983
Arno Prooijen
Directeur **********@****** ********8013
Mark Vermeer
Directeur Innovatie Informatievoorziening Facilitair... *********@****** ********9941
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Products & Technologies used at Gemeente Rotterdam

Technology Stack used at GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM
Audit Bi Big data Bim Cad Data science Datalake Datawarehousing Etl Fax Financial Http Imaging Link Media Nosql Order management P2p Privacy Procedure
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Adp Alfresco Ame Avg Azure Baan Cloudera Diana Excel Felix Ging Hadoop Informatica Intranet Inventor Max Messaging Microsoft office Microsoft teams Next
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  • Module Federation
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Frequently asked questions about Gemeente Rotterdam

  1. What does GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM's do?
    Local taxes
  2. What is GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM's industry?
    Gemeente rotterdam operates in Government relations industry.
  3. What is GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM's HQ phone number?
    Gemeente rotterdam's HQ Phone number is +31 10 465 6400
  4. What is GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM's revenue?
    Gemeente rotterdam's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM's company size?
    Gemeente rotterdam's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is GEMEENTE ROTTERDAM's official website? is official website of Gemeente rotterdam.