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Founded in 1946 by Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero, the Ferrero Group is a family-owned business in its third generation. It has been built by talented people who share a commitment towards continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality and care. This same commitment is put into everything we do for our consumers and characterizes the environment in which we operate. Some of the worlds most iconic confectionery products come from Ferrero, including Nutella, Tic Tac, Ferrero Rocher, and Kinder Surprise. Sold in more than 170 countries, our products are part of the collective memory and traditions of consumers all around the world; loved by generations. In 2015, we entered a new era of acquisitions. Since then, we have acquired several brands and businesses, including Fannie May, the confectionary division of Nestl, and Eat Natural, expanding our footprint and product offering also into the healthy snack segment. The secret to our global success is our 38,767 employees across the world, all dedicated to delivering the care and quality to craft the business, the careers and the brands we are proud of. From the moment you join us, we make sure you can nurture your curiosity and natural abilities. We provide the resources you need to succeed personally and professionally in a diverse work environment that is multicultural, innovative, and highly rewarding. In 2021, Ferrero was the confectionary company with the best reputation in the world, according to RepTrak. This achievement reflects our determination to bring consumers only the very best; an approach which is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedication to quality and excellence, our heritage and our family values, as well as our respect for the environment and the communities in which we work, are all seen in our desire to sustain and celebrate lifes special moments. Be part of it! Visit to explore the opportunities Ferrero can offer when you craft your career with us View More

People working in Ferrero

Maurizio Vitagliano
Head of utilities engineering... *******************@***** ********9666
Matteo Grigolli
Head of Supply Chain... ***************@***** ********6618
Agata Spitalsky
Head of RD Technical... ***************@***** ********2402
Dario Quassolo
HEAD OF FERRERO GROUP... **************@***** ********1713
Matthew Oconnell
Vice President Foodservice ****************@***** ********6438
Filip Nowak
Global Head Of Cyber... ***********@***** ********4188
Rodrigo Sabato
VP Trade Business Intelligence... **************@***** ********2955
Feng Ye
Vice President of Talent... *******@***** ********7638
Guillaume Robin
Head of Ecommerce Accelerating... ***************@***** ********4475
Alicia Sanchez
Head of Customer Category... **************@***** ********5239
Britta Felde
Team Leader Environmental Management... ************@***** ********5932
Phil Hicking
Head of Governance Risk... ************@***** ********2302
Veronica Giunta
Head of Strategy and... ***************@***** ********6549
Ivo Cenek
Head of KAM Modern... *********@***** ********0065
Tony Jiang
Head of Modern Trade... **********@***** ********5110
Krishnanand Panikkath
Channel Head *********************@***** ********8517
Stephane Alpern
Head of Consumer Shopper... ***************@***** ********0352
Liza Macaso
Machine Operatorproduction Operatorpackaging Repack... ***********@***** ********8203
Mukesh Maheshwari
Head Commercial Excellence *****************@***** ********9808
Florence Bruetschy
Head of Consumer and... ******************@***** ********1075
Ferruccio Nironi
Mobile Architect Competence Center... ****************@***** ********4264
Pierre Govare
General Secretary *************@***** ********9999
Luciano Pantaleo
Shift Operative Leader ****************@***** ********9981
Valentino Conti
Head of Group Financial... ***************@***** ********9486
Marco Alessandrini
Alto Adige Italia Global... ******************@***** ********2930
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Products & Technologies used at Ferrero

Technology Stack used at FERRERO
Collaboration Operations Compliance Presence Rdm Mobile Bi Route Troubleshooting Payment Financial Food safety Packaging Risk Continuous improvement Security Data analysis Procedure Protection Communication
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Products used at FERRERO
Sap Sap Outlook Stars Workplace Power bi Next Taste Excel Root Ultimate Cycles Grc Board Mass Microsoft excel Powerpoint Microsoft office Origin Portal
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Frequently asked questions about Ferrero

  1. What does FERRERO's do?
    Founded in 1946 by Pietro and Giovanni Ferrero, the Ferrero Group is a family-owned business in its third generation. It has been built by talented people who share a commitment towards continuous improvement to achieve the highest quality and care. This same commitment is put into everything we do for our consumers and characterizes the environment in which we operate....
  2. What is FERRERO's industry?
    Ferrero operates in Consumer goods industry.
  3. What is FERRERO's revenue?
    Ferrero's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is FERRERO's company size?
    Ferrero's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is FERRERO's official website? is official website of Ferrero.