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Environmental Services

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +41 44 632 20 17
  • Website

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Education research technology natural sciences spin-off knowledge transfer engineering architecture physics material sciences biology machine learning medicine computer science robotics data science energy research View More

People working in ETHZ

Pd Noir
Lab Leader p*******@** ********3348
Samir Bouabdallah
Project leader s****@** ********3294
Gianni Righes
strategic project manager g*****@** ********8300
Joan Ealia
Consultant j***@** ********7709
Ulrike Haessler
Lab Manager u*****@** ********3236
Thomas Meissner
Event Manager t*****@** ********6277
Igor Levak
IT Manager i***@** ********9157
Baqir False
IT Consultant b****@** ********7687
Alexis Shakas
Senior Researcher a*****@** ********7313
Pierre Lecomte
Senior research scientist p*****@** ********5207
Maurice Cochand
Senior Scientist m******@** ********5225
Pellaux Renz
senior scientist p******@** ********7410
Mahan Satari
database administrator m****@** ********2753
Urs Senn
Automation Engineer u**@** ********3456
Guillermo Castillo
engineer ITIS g********@** ********5668
Ronald Jerger
system engineer r*****@** ********1170
Pascal Escobar
Mechanical Engineer p*****@** ********9201
Jakob Maurer
Profem Dr sctech j****@** ********4370
Yu Liu
Postdoc y*@** ********5291
Marc Burger
Professor m***@** ********0466
Alain Scaiola
Technical expert 2 a****@** ********9867
Tomi Jaggi
Bauhallenchef Stv Fachspezialist 2... t***@** ********3040
Adolf Muschg
a****@** ********8565
Ernst Bernard
techniker e****@** ********5400
Claude Muller
etudiant c*****@** ********1845
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Products & Technologies used at ETHZ

Technology Stack used at ETHZ
Infrastructure Collaboration Communication Simulation Protection Risk Sampling Link Machine learning Neural network Deep learning Assessment Rest Quantum Automated testing Testing Apple icloud mail Hsts Digicert
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Products used at ETHZ
Surveys 360 Sap Vmware Pages Visit Mass Portal Intuition Max Ion Aem Root Contentbox Google analytics Jquery Zoom Omega Next Access Corona
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Frequently asked questions about ETHZ

  1. What does ETHZ's do?
  2. What are ETHZ's specialities?
    Education , Research , Technology , Natural sciences , Spin-off , Knowledge transfer , Engineering , Architecture , Physics , Material sciences , Biology , Machine learning , Medicine , Computer science , Robotics , Data science , Energy research
  3. What is ETHZ's industry?
    Ethz operates in Environmental services industry.
  4. What is ETHZ's HQ phone number?
    Ethz's HQ Phone number is +41 44 632 20 17
  5. What is ETHZ's revenue?
    Ethz's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is ETHZ's company size?
    Ethz's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is ETHZ's official website? is official website of Ethz.