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Information Technology and Services

  • Revenue 11M - 100M
  • Size 201 - 500
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

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People working in EMCO

Avi Sayag
Owner a********@***** ********2211
Rex Sjariffudin
Owner r**************@***** ********6046
Colm Brown
Owner c*********@***** ********9657
Brian Lea
Owner b********@***** ********7481
Marcelo Stein
Owner m************@***** ********9798
Francisco Alvarado
Owner f*****************@***** ********8472
Randy Egerer
Owner r***********@***** ********7578
Rajesh Jain
Owner r**********@***** ********5868
Rob Fryer
Owner r********@***** ********7707
Deepak Khandelwal
CEO d****************@***** ********0897
El Torky
CEO, EMCO E*******@***** ********2997
Bhagwat Patil
Head-IT b************@***** ********5088
Surendra Chohan
Head (HR) Plant Baroda... s**************@***** ********9580
Janice Pellar
President j************@***** ********7176
Steve Ambrosia
Vice President Service s*************@***** ********8547
Steve Ambrosia
Vice President Service s*************@***** ********2720
Satish Gupta
Sr Vice President s***********@***** ********0053
Damodaran Boyapati
President d*****************@***** ********6155
Saravanan Malayalan
Facilities Manager - Discipline... s******************@***** ********0510
Andres Calle
Presidente a***********@***** ********2704
Meenakshi Jain
VP HR m*************@***** ********3399
Harish Saxena
VP h************@***** ********9346
Sandy Cohen
president s**********@***** ********2675
Kevyn Simmons
lead carpenter k************@***** ********4357
Ken Moritz
vice president services k*********@***** ********0921
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Products & Technologies used at EMCO

Technology Stack used at EMCO
Active directory Assessment Bi Collaboration Communication Compliance Computer networks Customer service Data analysis Datacentre Directory Disaster Disaster recovery Exchange Fax Http Imaging Infrastructure Mobile Network connectivity
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Products used at EMCO
Access Air Cisco Google analytics Infor Ion Ledger Maple Microsoft office Next Office 365 Perception Sap Visit Visual studio Vmware Vmware esxi Workplace Max
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Frequently asked questions about EMCO

  1. What does EMCO's do?
    Information Technology, Communications Services
  2. What is EMCO's industry?
    Emco operates in Information technology and services industry.
  3. What is EMCO's revenue?
    Emco's revenue is 11m - 100m
  4. What is EMCO's company size?
    Emco's has 201 - 500 people working.
  5. What is EMCO's official website? is official website of Emco.