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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +46 77 178 87 89
  • Website elite.se

Elite Hotels erbjuder klassiska hotell som ar centralt belagna i viktiga svenska stader fran Kiruna i norr till Malmo i soder. Att bo hos oss ar nagot annat an att bara ta in pa hotell. Vi vill ge dig en totalupplevelse och formedla en kansla av tradition, kvalitet och flard View More

People working in Elite Hotels of Sweden AB

Tobias Jilsmark
head chef ***************@**ite.se ********8817
Martin Fabian
Head Chef *************@**ite.se ********0706
Erica Stigerud
Head of Marketing eCom... **************@**ite.se ********6417
Veronica Johansson
Lonespecialist Team leader ******************@**ite.se ********5810
Carlo Mandini
Head of Quality Development... *************@**ite.se ********9034
Cecilia Lindbladh
Head of Meeting Events... *****************@**ite.se ********8467
Jennie Bergholm
Head of Group Conference... ***************@**ite.se ********2509
Christopher Angerborn
Head Chef ******************************@**ite.se ********0332
Malin Selberg
Hotelldirektr *************@**ite.se ********1557
David Hallden
group managing director *************@**ite.se ********4001
Alexander Hagring
Director of Sales *****************@**ite.se ********0642
Ronja Mcmullen
Assistant Director of Revenue... **************@**ite.se ********7669
Anna Bensalah
Senior Regional Sales Manager... *************@**ite.se ********3121
Linda Andersson
Sales Manager rebro ***************@**ite.se ********6112
Mia Nygren
Revenue Manager **********@**ite.se ********4011
Anette Onnerfjord
Assistant Housekeeping Manager Mollberg... *****************@**ite.se ********0204
Patrik Froden
revenue manager *************@**ite.se ********8489
Johanna Gunnarsson
IT Consultant Hotelsystem HMS... ******************@**ite.se ********7806
Oscar Hellgren
Revenue Manager **************@**ite.se ********7814
Bjrn Cederborg
Sales manager **************@**ite.se ********7960
Samalie Nambajjwe
Supervisor *****************@**ite.se ********4085
Steffen Sander
General Manager **************@**ite.se ********5639
Gunnel Carlsson
Revenue Manager ***************@**ite.se ********7794
Helena Augustsson
Front Desk Manager *****************@**ite.se ********4431
Malin Gustavsson
Assistent manager ****************@**ite.se ********0945
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Products & Technologies used at Elite Hotels of Sweden AB

Oracle opera Jquery Max Links Tower Pages
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