Hospital & Health Care

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +91 77038 18578
  • Website

ECHS POLY CLINIC is a Hospital and Health Care company located in OPP SAI BABA MANDIR LODI ROAD Complex LODI ROAD COMPLEX, New Delhi, Delhi, India View More

People working in ECHS POLY CLINIC

Bhagwan Shekhawat
Head ECHS Polyclinc *******@***** ********7353
Echs Polyclinic
Computer Specialist ****@***** ********6919
Raghavanpillai Gopalakrishnapillai
Medical Officer **************@***** ********8893
Anupam Mahajan
Medical Officer ******@***** ********1075
Kamal Chauhan
IT Support Specialist *****@***** ********1085
Rambahadur Chhetri
Officer in Charge **********@***** ********0203
Pradeep Basera
Consultant *******@***** ********3100
Nivedita Malik
Specialist ********@***** ********5924
Echs Balasubramanian
Team Lead ****@***** ********9903
Debashis Chatterji
Medical officer ********@***** ********9574
Surender Nims
Consultant ********@***** ********6719
Dr Thakur
Dental Officer *********@***** ********5158
Karan Rathore
officer in charge *****@***** ********3243
Priyanka Jamwal
Consultant Physiotherapist ********@***** ********5465
Shubha Prasad
Medical Officer ******@***** ********5491
Himani In
Medical Officer ******@***** ********6828
Paramjit Juneja
Medical Officer ********@***** ********5189
Dr Satardekar
Medical Officer *************@***** ********8737
Kunal Agnihotri
Consultant Endodontist *****@***** ********8662
Kalaivani Vijayakumar
Medical Officer *********@***** ********9830
Suhasini Kalpala
Med officer ********@***** ********9771
Dr Singh
Dental Specialist ********@***** ********4863
Champak Bhattacharyya
Officer in Charge ECHS... *******@***** ********2845
Karuppiah Ammavasai
Supervisor *********@***** ********2084
D Sharma
Office Manager *@***** ********1901
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Products & Technologies used at ECHS POLY CLINIC

Products used at ECHS POLY CLINIC
Links Portal Access Android Corona Wave Whatsapp Visit Discord Jquery
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Frequently asked questions about ECHS POLY CLINIC

  1. What does ECHS POLY CLINIC's do?
    ECHS POLY CLINIC is a Hospital and Health Care company located in OPP SAI BABA MANDIR LODI ROAD Complex LODI ROAD COMPLEX, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  2. What is ECHS POLY CLINIC's industry?
    Echs poly clinic operates in Hospital & health care industry.
  3. What is ECHS POLY CLINIC's HQ phone number?
    Echs poly clinic's HQ Phone number is +91 77038 18578
  4. What is ECHS POLY CLINIC's revenue?
    Echs poly clinic's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is ECHS POLY CLINIC's company size?
    Echs poly clinic's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is ECHS POLY CLINIC's official website? is official website of Echs poly clinic.