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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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  • Website duservefm.com

Duserve is a fully owned subsidiary of Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC), a decreed corporation of Dubai Government. Established in 2008, it has grown to become a leading one-stop-shop Integrated Facilities Management service provider, catering to needs of customers across the sectors. Our smart operational model supported by the most advanced technological framework solutions, backed by a highly charged customer-centric workforce allows us to lead the way in the smart revolution, and that with a human face. Our sustainability capability, breadth of in-house services in FM, construction and consulting, our technically capable and motivated workforce propel us amongst the elite of the facilities management industry service providers in the UAE. True to our Vision, we aim to become the service provider of choice, delivering Memorable service, engaging the heart and soul of customers and employees alike. View More

People working in duservefm

Ngu Patience
Administrative Secretary ********@*******fm.com ********0957
Frank Line
Team Leader **********@*******fm.com ********9459
Hariharasubramanian Vijaykumar
Team Leader ******************************@*******fm.com ********1612
Shezad Sayed
Head of Sales and... ************@*******fm.com ********4052
Alam Hasan
Squad Leader **********@*******fm.com ********6238
Muruganantham Raja
MEP Team Leader ******************@*******fm.com ********4969
Diaz Aryasiima
team leader **************@*******fm.com ********1941
Ajay Gupta
MEP team leader **********@*******fm.com ********5905
Sachin Gupta
Head Of Human Resources... ************@*******fm.com ********4250
Brijesh Bhardwaj
Mep team leader ****************@*******fm.com ********4897
Amit Kumar
cleaning team leader **********@*******fm.com ********6243
Ram Somai
Secretary *********@*******fm.com ********7130
Babu Miah
Cleaning Supervisor *********@*******fm.com ********0750
Musa Faisal
Security Officer ***********@*******fm.com ********0516
Evans Kiprono
security officer *************@*******fm.com ********0992
Babu Miah
Cleaning Supervisor *********@*******fm.com ********3586
Muhammad Ibrahim
MEPFacility management Supervisor ****************@*******fm.com ********4715
Walter Odede
Team Lead ************@*******fm.com ********0777
Monica Dsouza
Learning Development Manager *************@*******fm.com ********5226
Mathi Yazhagan
FM SUPERVISOR **************@*******fm.com ********7473
Amanda Dcosta
Concierge supervisor nd admin... *************@*******fm.com ********7876
Shaidul Hassan
Security Supervisor **************@*******fm.com ********8177
Isaac Kelechi
Security Officer *************@*******fm.com ********2009
Masum Khan
housekeeping supervisor **********@*******fm.com ********8569
Shenor Rahman
Housekeeping Supervisor *************@*******fm.com ********9533
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