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Discovery Inc Logo

Discovery Inc


  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 212-548-5882
  • Website

Discovery, Inc. is now Warner Bros. Discovery! Follow our new LinkedIn page, Warner Bros. Discovery View More

Television Media Digital Media Entertainment Multiplatform Education Virtual Reality Social Media Storytelling Sports Streaming View More

People working in Discovery Inc

Chichi Precious
Owner c**************@******** ********5084
Jerry Carminio
Owner j*************@******** ********3411
Akruti Sojitra
Owner Jeenee Self a*************@******** ********6964
Steven Alarcon
Owner s*************@******** ********1804
Vanessa Beltran
Product Owner v**************@******** ********0501
Ahmed Said
Owner a*********@******** ********6105
Chaitanya Pokkunuri
Product Owner c******************@******** ********6625
James Esq
Chairman of the Board... j********@******** ********4010
Frank Koenig
Owner f***********@******** ********0498
Prashant Prashant
Owner p****************@******** ********1199
Piyush Jain
Owner p**********@******** ********3967
Melinda Schwartz
Owner m***************@******** ********9939
Mridul Sarkar
Owner m************@******** ********4527
Mukesh Khnadelwal
Owner m****************@******** ********6840
Lola Black
president of sales l*********@******** ********4738
Amy Arlow
Owner a********@******** ********3494
Kamsi Henry
Digital Entrepreneur k**********@******** ********3627
Arlene Crosby
Digital Entrepreneur A************@******** ********1471
Angelique France
Executive Assistant to President... a***********@******** ********4176
Marc Graboff
President Global Business Legal... m***********@******** ********1257
James Esq
Chairman of the Board... j********@******** ********2437
James Harry
Business Owner j**********@******** ********3436
Rosheel Vallabh
Senior Specialist Product OwnerBusiness... r**************@******** ********2586
Howard Lee
President of TLC Streaming... h*********@******** ********0723
Charl Venter
Owner c***********@******** ********2345
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Products & Technologies used at Discovery Inc

Technology Stack used at DISCOVERY INC
Assessment Exchange Http Payroll Rfp Route Staffing Media Communication Compliance Voice Operations Security Risk Privacy Real-time Aws azure Ticket management Packaging Redundancy
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Products used at DISCOVERY INC
Pine Power bi Sap Visit Board Next Safe Links Director Access Word Servicenow Cisco Gatekeeper Slack Zoom Firebase Postgresql Origin Nimble
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Frequently asked questions about Discovery Inc

  1. What does DISCOVERY INC's do?
    Discovery, Inc. is now Warner Bros. Discovery! Follow our new LinkedIn page, Warner Bros. Discovery
  2. What are Discovery Inc's specialities?
    Television , Media , Digital media , Entertainment , Multiplatform , Education , Virtual reality , Social media , Storytelling , Sports , Streaming
  3. What is DISCOVERY INC's industry?
    Discovery inc operates in Entertainment industry.
  4. What is DISCOVERY INC's HQ phone number?
    Discovery inc's HQ Phone number is +1 212-548-5882
  5. What is DISCOVERY INC's revenue?
    Discovery inc's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is DISCOVERY INC's company size?
    Discovery inc's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is DISCOVERY INC's official website? is official website of Discovery inc.