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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 212-548-5882
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Discovery, Inc. is now Warner Bros. Discovery! Follow our new LinkedIn page, Warner Bros. Discovery View More

Television Media Digital Media Entertainment Multiplatform Education Virtual Reality Social Media Storytelling Sports Streaming View More

People working in Discovery Inc

Lerato Vilakazi
Team Leader Finance Reporting... ***************@*******
Carolina_lambrechts Lambrechts
VP - Regional Counsel... ******************************@*******
Robyn Newman
VP, Digital Finance ************@*******
Hilde Kollerd
VP, Program planning -... *************@*******
Antonio Gomez
VP Strategy and Business... *************@*******
Lee Ryan
VP - Infosec Operations,... ********@*******
Joanne Schioppi
vice president communications ***************@*******
Jaqualin Anderson
Senior VP *****************@*******
Mike Pollack
VP Branded Content---Magnolia Network... ************@*******
Patricia Rodriguez
Executive Assistant to EVP... ******************@*******
Matthew Goff
VP Partnership Development, EMEA... ************@*******
Margot Davis
VP Marketing & Promotions... ************@*******
Twuanna Ward
VP, Distribution Accounting ************@*******
Victor Parada
VP Ad Sales *************@*******
Rebecca Rormark
VP of Marketing Discovery... ***************@*******
Antoinette Herbert
VP, Operations ******************@*******
Danielle Shen
Group Vice President, Technology... *************@*******
Dominic Raynor
VP Media Infrastructure Architect... **************@*******
Fulvia Nicoli
Executive Vice President Consumer,... *************@*******
Marcelo Buitrago
VP Media Operations Latin... ****************@*******
Irfan Ahmed
VP International Tax ***********@*******
James Ford
vice president procurement -... **********@*******
Kelly Cole
Group VP Employment Legal... **********@*******
John Wilson
SVP - People &... ***********@*******
Taylor Hodoose
VP Production Management/ TLC... **************@*******
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Products & Technologies used at Discovery Inc

Technology Stack used at DISCOVERY INC
Assessment Exchange Http Payroll Rfp Route Staffing Media Compliance Communication Voice Operations Security Risk Privacy Real-time Aws azure Ticket management Packaging Redundancy
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Products used at DISCOVERY INC
Pine Power bi Sap Visit Board Safe Links Next Director Access Word Servicenow Cisco Gatekeeper Slack Zoom Firebase Postgresql Origin Nimble
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Frequently asked questions about Discovery Inc

  1. What does DISCOVERY INC's do?
    Discovery, Inc. is now Warner Bros. Discovery! Follow our new LinkedIn page, Warner Bros. Discovery
  2. What are Discovery Inc's specialities?
    Television , Media , Digital media , Entertainment , Multiplatform , Education , Virtual reality , Social media , Storytelling , Sports , Streaming
  3. What is DISCOVERY INC's industry?
    Discovery inc operates in Entertainment industry.
  4. What is DISCOVERY INC's HQ phone number?
    Discovery inc's HQ Phone number is +1 212-548-5882
  5. What is DISCOVERY INC's revenue?
    Discovery inc's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is DISCOVERY INC's company size?
    Discovery inc's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is DISCOVERY INC's official website? is official website of Discovery inc.