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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 972-243-6191
  • Website

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People working in Club Corp

Rachid Benguella
Entraineur principal ****************@******
Justin Backus
Head Golf Professional *************@******
Andrew Lin
VP **********@******
Kim Chadwell
Company Secretary - SABETHA... ************@******
Ahmed Youssry
Head Coach *************@******
Sandra Kuhlmann
Head Bartender ***************@******
Brooke Reutinger
Head Lifeguard ****************@******
Frank Lavacca
Head Golf Professional *************@******
Coachwael Null
Head Coach **************@******
Dick Shadow
Head Cook ***********@******
Tom Russell
Head Of Marketing ***********@******
Rich Nathan
Regional Vice President ***********@******
Patrick Gillant
HEAD PRO ***************@******
Ymmene Myerey
Caissier principal - Royal... *************@******
Olivio Terra
Head Chef - Royal... ************@******
Tiffany Baker
Head Bartender *************@******
Martin Bishop
semi retired head gardener... *************@******
Peter Faraone
Regional Vice President *************@******
Mahogoney Hopson
Secretary ****************@******
Chris Dare
Head Golf Professional **********@******
Nathaniel Pritchett
Regional athletic director *******************@******
Kelly Sessions
Director of Tennis **************@******
Alan Wieme
Regional F&B Director **********@******
Madalena Pereira
Club Director ****************@******
Shawn Klages
Regional tournament sales director... ************@******
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Products & Technologies used at Club Corp

Products used at CLUB CORP
Aws Amazon connect Google analytics Access Animate Asp Cherry Cms Episerver Episerver cms Freeway Jquery Links Magnolia Max Next Orange Pages Pyramid Tower
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Frequently asked questions about Club Corp

  1. What does CLUB CORP's do?
  2. What are Club Corp's specialities?
    Country clubs , Golf , Tennis , Entertainment
  3. What is CLUB CORP's industry?
    Club corp operates in Entertainment industry.
  4. What is CLUB CORP's HQ phone number?
    Club corp's HQ Phone number is +1 972-243-6191
  5. What is CLUB CORP's revenue?
    Club corp's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is CLUB CORP's company size?
    Club corp's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is CLUB CORP's official website? is official website of Club corp.