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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
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People working in Cincinnati State

Charles Faulkner
Instructor ****************@************* ********7198
Douglas Heesten
Vice President ***************@************* ********0428
Khadigah Jackson
Cook ****************@************* ********6817
Duritsch False
Assistant to VP Finance... *****************@************* ********9522
Michael Duffey
Adjunct AVP Instructor **************@************* ********0042
Maggie Kretten
unit secretary **************@************* ********3946
Carolyn Anderson
Executive Vice President ****************@************* ********1821
Amy Waldbillig
Vice President Workforce Development... **************@************* ********4018
Andre Tate
Head Coach **********@************* ********6611
Tenisha White
Assistant Director Upward Bound... *************@************* ********1222
Jean W
Director ******@************* ********1688
Theresa Check
Director of Athletics *************@************* ********3648
Bari Ewing
Director of College Access... **********@************* ********9104
Gabriele Boeckermann
Director of Admission ********************@************* ********2302
Howard Anita
Assistant Director Veterans Upward... *************@************* ********2331
Christine Reuss
community center director ***************@************* ********9619
Cheryl Brackman
director of workforce development... ***************@************* ********5198
Maplessterry Brenda
Director Student Activities *******************@************* ********6664
Gene Breyer
Director of Labor and... ***********@************* ********4416
Mary Horan
Assistant Director Educational Opportunity... **********@************* ********2840
Dr Walker
Transfer Center Director *********@************* ********5689
Marianne Krismer
National Director H2P TAACCCT... ****************@************* ********6652
Kimberly Buczek
artistic director ***************@************* ********6918
Mike Chaney
Program Director Instructor ***********@************* ********3845
Justine Clark
Assistant Director ******************@************* ********9122
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Products & Technologies used at Cincinnati State

Technology Stack used at CINCINNATI STATE
Communication Compliance Disaster Disaster recovery Firewall Http Internet Link Media Packaging Routers Spreadsheet Web-based Procedure Accreditation Assessment Accessibility Financial Customer service Scheduling
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Products used at CINCINNATI STATE
Animate Aws Blackboard Cisco Illustrator Maya Microsoft visio Motion Origin Photoshop Sheets Tableau Visio Seeks Excel Microsoft office Word Powerpoint Outlook Board
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Frequently asked questions about Cincinnati State

  1. What does CINCINNATI STATE's do?
    Please see for information on Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
  2. What is CINCINNATI STATE's industry?
    Cincinnati state operates in Education management industry.
  3. What is CINCINNATI STATE's revenue?
    Cincinnati state's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is CINCINNATI STATE's company size?
    Cincinnati state's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is CINCINNATI STATE's official website? is official website of Cincinnati state.