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Investment Banking

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
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People working in China Securities Co., Ltd

Peng Wang
Head Of Quant Trading... ******@**** ********5588
Peng Yanping
CHINA SECURITIES COLTD HEAD... *********@**** ********6778
Zhaohao Cheng
Vice President IBD *******@**** ********1530
Jiaxing Guo
Investment Banking Vice President... *****@**** ********0987
Min Zhong
Vice President *******@**** ********4639
SVP *****@**** ********5814
Liu Yiping
vp ********@**** ********6689
Xiaogang Cao
VP *****@**** ********5286
Sun Jin
Senior Vice President *****@**** ********7618
Bailey Li
Vice President ****@**** ********9107
Guohui Zheng
VP *******@**** ********9906
Li Yanbin
Vice President ********@**** ********4754
Hanhan Fan
VP *****@**** ********8813
Julie Nie
Vice President *****@**** ********8343
David Ding
Vice President ******@**** ********8144
Tony Lai
VP *****@**** ********4481
Vice President ***********@**** ********4806
Shiu Chan
Vice President ******@**** ********0227
Jie Ren
Vice president China Securities... *****@**** ********6971
Howk Yang
Investment Bank Division Vice... ******@**** ********2225
SVP *****@**** ********9469
Chi Dong
Senior Vice President ******@**** ********6846
Bob Jiao
VP ******@**** ********7586
Zheyuan Fan
Senior Vice President *****@**** ********6862
Qian Xu
Vice President ****@**** ********7986
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Frequently asked questions about China Securities Co., Ltd

  1. What does CHINA SECURITIES CO., LTD's do?
    200511272.4620176303029646941.88AAA 20161296066.HK5%
  2. What is CHINA SECURITIES CO., LTD's industry?
    China securities co., ltd operates in Investment banking industry.
  3. What is CHINA SECURITIES CO., LTD's revenue?
    China securities co., ltd's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is CHINA SECURITIES CO., LTD's company size?
    China securities co., ltd's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is CHINA SECURITIES CO., LTD's official website? is official website of China securities co., ltd.