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  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
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People working in Charter Communications

Hemant Singh
Principal Architect II -... ************@*****
Christian Ruiz
Executive Vice President, Sales... **************@*****
Jennifer Ingram
Head of Customer Acquisition... ***************@*****
Regina Day
Vice President - Offline... **********@*****
Ben Topor
Vice President, Spectrum Community... *********@*****
Vice President ************@*****
Dawn Allard
Group Vice President ***********@*****
Cameron Blanchard
Executive Vice President, Communications... *****************@*****
Jason Keller
Vice President, Government Affairs... ************@*****
Ponch Gordills
Area Vice President, Southern... **************@*****
David Kline
President of Spectrum Reach,... ***********@*****
Daniel Gonzalez
Group Vice President, State... ***************@*****
Mike Reid
Senior Vice President, Corporate... *********@*****
Steven Wilber
Principal Architect 2 *************@*****
Brad Shely
VP Regional Engineering **********@*****
Vittal Cooduvalli
Vice President, Billing Operations... *****************@*****
Asanga Bandara
Principal Engineer - Advanced... **************@*****
Bob Calabro
Senior Vice President Business... ***********@*****
Marcus Maranhao
Principal RAN / Wireless... ***************@*****
James Stark
VP of Product Design,... ***********@*****
Anthony Tuttle
Vice President, Emerging Technology... **************@*****
Ganesh Palaniappan
Senior Vice President ******************@*****
James Tann
Vice President of Customer... **********@*****
Madelyn Marino
Vice President Human Resources... **************@*****
Jill Nelson
VP, Assistant General Counsel... ***********@*****
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Products & Technologies used at Charter Communications

Technology Stack used at CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS
Assessment Billing Collaboration Compliance Customer service Data analysis Data wireless Http Internet Link Mobile Packaging Payment Scheduling Server Staffing Troubleshooting Voice Communication Operations
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Avg Aws Azure Chrome Cisco Director Excel Internet explorer Next Oracle Origin Outlook Pass Powerpoint Safari Safe Salesforce Splunk Teamwork Visio
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Frequently asked questions about Charter Communications

    For company news and job opportunities, please follow us at: Spectrum is powered and innovated by Charter Communications.
  2. What are Charter Communications's specialities?
    Tv , Internet , Voice
  3. What is CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS's industry?
    Charter communications operates in Telecommunications industry.
  4. What is CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS's revenue?
    Charter communications's revenue is 1b+
  5. What is CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS's company size?
    Charter communications's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS's official website? is official website of Charter communications.