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Canon (China) Co., Ltd Logo

Canon (China) Co., Ltd

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +86 10 8513 9999
  • Website

A global leader in the field of optical View More

People working in Canon (China) Co., Ltd

Lorra Shan
Assitant to Vice President... L*********@******* ********7228
Ivory Y
Executive Secretary I******@******* ********3968
Ivory Yang
executive secretary i*********@******* ********9820
Lifei Luo
Audit Director L********@******* ********2858
Tani Miki
Director T********@******* ********2083
Jun Wachi
Director and GM J********@******* ********3331
Masaru Kuwabara
Assistant Director M**************@******* ********2090
Yonggyu Lee
Director Y**********@******* ********0532
Matsuda Yasuhiro
Director GM M***************@******* ********0893
Roger Blacker
director r************@******* ********4589
Chen Ccn
vice director c*******@******* ********0819
- Director
Asistant director -*********@******* ********9389
Wong Wilson
Direct Service Manager W**********@******* ********5277
- Consultant
FP&A Consultant -***********@******* ********9906
Matthew Ma
national sales manager m*********@******* ********4465
- Specialist
specialist -***********@******* ********5539
Yu Zhang
Ecommerce Manager y*******@******* ********1879
Mingli Liu
Supervisor M*********@******* ********4689
Jing Luo
Technical Support Supervisor J*******@******* ********7035
Bruce Ma
Supervisor B*******@******* ********0608
Norman Xu
Brand Manager N********@******* ********5850
Qiu Weiyu
Area Sales Manager Q********@******* ********1344
Mingming Dong
Senior manager of Compliance... M************@******* ********5846
Ma Pingchuan
Sales Specialist m***********@******* ********3452
Jin Ming
sales consultant J*******@******* ********4351
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Frequently asked questions about Canon (China) Co., Ltd

  1. What does CANON (CHINA) CO., LTD's do?
    A global leader in the field of optical
  2. What is CANON (CHINA) CO., LTD's industry?
    Canon (china) co., ltd operates in Electrical/electronic manufacturing industry.
  3. What is CANON (CHINA) CO., LTD's HQ phone number?
    Canon (china) co., ltd's HQ Phone number is +86 10 8513 9999
  4. What is CANON (CHINA) CO., LTD's revenue?
    Canon (china) co., ltd's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is CANON (CHINA) CO., LTD's company size?
    Canon (china) co., ltd's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is CANON (CHINA) CO., LTD's official website? is official website of Canon (china) co., ltd.