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Medical Devices

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +61 2 9483 5400
  • Website

Biomet, Inc. was acquired by Zimmer in June 2015. The new company is called Zimmer Biomet. Please follow the new company on LinkedIn, Zimmer Biomet View More

Hip- Knee Implants... Extremities Shoulder Wrist Implants... Spine Biologics Trauma Sports Medicine Bone Cement &... View More

People working in Biomet

Ajit Nath
Owner a********@*********** ********4925
Raimonds Skuja
Owner r*************@*********** ********5651
Thomas Brady
Business Owner t***********@*********** ********1276
Vanio Alexiev
owner v************@*********** ********5952
James Meyers
Busines owner j***********@*********** ********6943
Dane Miller
Founder d**********@*********** ********7600
Dan Florin
SVP Chief Financial Officer... d*********@*********** ********5159
Shannon Rienholt
CFO s***************@*********** ********6638
Matt Hall
Chief Operating Officer m********@*********** ********8692
Richard Iler
CFODirector r***********@*********** ********6592
Doris Edmonds
Team Leader Special Orders... d************@*********** ********3416
Dorothy Simmons
Reimbursement Team Leader d**************@*********** ********7661
Barbara Mendelsohn
Team Leader Patient Services... b*****************@*********** ********4231
Maggie Anderson
President m**************@*********** ********8845
Kirk Bailey
Vice President of Engineering... k**********@*********** ********7521
David Moorse
VP marketing research and... d***********@*********** ********6294
Johnson Todd
Quality Lead j***********@*********** ********6275
David Hampton
Regional Vice President of... d************@*********** ********5222
Christopher Watson
Team leader CNC Operator... c*****************@*********** ********2543
Hudson Rodney
Poly Team Lead h************@*********** ********3924
James Diller
Vice President Worldwide Taxes... j***********@*********** ********6663
Nikki Tovar
Patient Services Team Leader... n**********@*********** ********3420
Javier Castanega
VP GM Upper Extremity... j***************@*********** ********2552
Lynnette Whitaker
Vice President Quality Clinical... l****************@*********** ********5721
Phend Sharon
Team Leadauditor 2nd shift... p***********@*********** ********4585
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Products & Technologies used at Biomet

Technology Stack used at BIOMET
Active directory Analytics Android Archiving Assessment Audit Bi Big data Billing Bluetooth Cad Calibration Case management Cgmp Change management Collaboration Communication Compliance Continuous improvement Corrective action
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Products used at BIOMET
Access Air Ariba Augment Aws Azure Bayesian Board Brazil Cadence Captivate Ceridian Coldfusion Concord Cycles Director Excel Gatekeeper Hadoop Hbase
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Frequently asked questions about Biomet

  1. What does BIOMET's do?
    Biomet, Inc. was acquired by Zimmer in June 2015. The new company is called Zimmer Biomet. Please follow the new company on LinkedIn, Zimmer Biomet
  2. What are Biomet's specialities?
    Hip- knee implants , Extremities , Shoulder wrist implants , Spine , Biologics , Trauma , Sports medicine , Bone cement & cementing systems
  3. What is BIOMET's industry?
    Biomet operates in Medical devices industry.
  4. What is BIOMET's HQ phone number?
    Biomet's HQ Phone number is +61 2 9483 5400
  5. What is BIOMET's revenue?
    Biomet's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is BIOMET's company size?
    Biomet's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is BIOMET's official website? is official website of Biomet.