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Apparel & Fashion

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +61 7 5536 6764
  • Website

Weve been doing this since 1973, follow along and know the feeling. For Jobs at Billabong: View More

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People working in Billabong

Evan Slater
VP Global Marketing ***********@*******
Martin Chen
Senior QA,Team Leader *****@*******
Robert Snurd
Vice-President ******@*******
Jason Shelton
Vice President Sales, North... ********@*******
John Miller
Marketing Head *******@*******
Lior Israeli
Head Of Marketing ********@*******
Deanna Jackson
Vice President Womens Sales... **************@*******
James Carthy
Head of Strategy *******@*******
Darby Pollock
Head of Global Merchandising... ********@*******
Francois Carrete
vice president business development... ********@*******
Nancy Teamoke
Head Chef ********@*******
Jerry Kookovitz
Head of Shred **********@*******
Graham Wade
Indepedent Video Director *****@*******
Allison Roberts
Creative Director ********@*******
Samuel Chan
Global QA Director *****@*******
Nabiel Ibrahim
Director of Branch ********@*******
Colette Greer
Director ******@*******
Ashley Turnbull
Billabong Womens Marketing Director... *********@*******
Nicole Wageck
Digital Art Director *************@*******
Toni Young
Art Director/Graphic Art Manager... ******@*******
Erin Ebejer
Global Director Of Merchandising,... *******@*******
John Shaw
Loss Prevention Director *****@*******
Jason Seamore
Marketing Director ********@*******
Chris Cole
director of retail/construction development... *****@*******
Eichi Shimizu
Brand Director ********@*******
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Products & Technologies used at Billabong

Technology Stack used at BILLABONG
Sampling Customer service Presence Voice Communication Collaboration Networking Payroll Financial Operations
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Products used at BILLABONG
Illustrator Photoshop Realm Visit Demandware Jquery Capsule Access Bottle Links Jscript Animate Chrome Max Gift Pass Omniture Wave
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Frequently asked questions about Billabong

  1. What does BILLABONG's do?
    Weve been doing this since 1973, follow along and know the feeling. For Jobs at Billabong:
  2. What are Billabong's specialities?
    Surf , Snow wake
  3. What is BILLABONG's industry?
    Billabong operates in Apparel & fashion industry.
  4. What is BILLABONG's HQ phone number?
    Billabong's HQ Phone number is +61 7 5536 6764
  5. What is BILLABONG's revenue?
    Billabong's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is BILLABONG's company size?
    Billabong's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is BILLABONG's official website? is official website of Billabong.