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Bharti Retail Logo

Bharti Retail


  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website bhartiretail

It is a JV between Wal-mart and Bharti. It is in to Retail stores mainly food and grocery View More

People working in Bharti Retail

Vinod Sawhny
PRESIDENT & COO V***********@*******etail ********8000
Vinod Sawhny
President & COO V***********@*******etail ********5080
Dinesh Jamwal
Team Leader D************@*******etail ********5971
Sheela Bisht
Team Leader s***********@*******etail ********9074
Ashish Kashyap
Ass.Team Leader a*************@*******etail ********0250
Sahil Aggarwal
Team Leader S*************@*******etail ********0851
Piyush Saxena
Team Leader retail operations... P************@*******etail ********1934
Sandeep Sharma
Financial Controller & Company... S*************@*******etail ********2669
Digvijay Kumar
ASST. STORE MANAGER /... d*************@*******etail ********1766
Santosh Samal
SENIOR TEAM LEADER S************@*******etail ********0982
Pawan Joshi
Team Leader P**********@*******etail ********3022
Deepak Kumar
Team leader D***********@*******etail ********8393
Pradeep Ramakrishnan
Executive Secretary / MIS... P*******************@*******etail ********3084
Alka Jha
team leader A*******@*******etail ********5338
Nitin Dhingra
TeAM LEADER n************@*******etail ********6164
Rajiv Narula
team leader r***********@*******etail ********3151
Azzu Bro
Head Cashier A*******@*******etail ********4660
Rishab Manchanda
team leader r***************@*******etail ********4754
Jitendra Mishra
Team Leader J**************@*******etail ********8391
Savan Chaturvedi
team leader s***************@*******etail ********3777
Anand Prakash
Head, MR and Mapping... A************@*******etail ********5447
Hitesh Sharma
Team Leader H************@*******etail ********7285
Sachin Bhardwaj
Team Leader S**************@*******etail ********6979
Mehraj Uddin
Team leader M***********@*******etail ********7751
Ravi Gangwal
Team leader R***********@*******etail ********1255
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Frequently asked questions about Bharti Retail

  1. What does BHARTI RETAIL's do?
    It is a JV between Wal-mart and Bharti. It is in to Retail stores mainly food and grocery
  2. What is BHARTI RETAIL's industry?
    Bharti retail operates in Retail industry.
  3. What is BHARTI RETAIL's revenue?
    Bharti retail's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is BHARTI RETAIL's company size?
    Bharti retail's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is BHARTI RETAIL's official website?
    www.bhartiretail is official website of Bharti retail.