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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +44 191 217 0717
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Bellway is a FTSE 250 house builder, headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, which operates 19 trading divisions across England, Scotland and Wales. The company has grown from a family firm, established more than 70 years ago, into a respected national brand, selling almost ten thousand homes a year. Our divisional operating structure enables us to focus on regional needs, utilising the local knowledge of our management teams in each area to create developments that appeal to prospective buyers, to build quality homes people want to live in and to contribute positively to local communities. As well as building a wide variety of different house types, we undertake initiatives designed to enhance the environment for our residents and wider neighbourhoods, in addition to satisfying the needs of local authorities. Our employees are fundamental to our success and we currently employ more than 2,000 people across the company, each helping us to realise our goals surrounding build quality and unrivalled customer service. Our commitment to attracting and retaining our people is reflected in the training and career progression opportunities we offer and the company benefits we continue to introduce. The housebuilding sector has altered radically over the decades and Bellways long heritage is testament to our ability to respond and adapt to fluid market conditions. Nowhere is this more evident than in changing attitudes towards the environment and the management of scarce resources. Sustainability is a central tenet of Bellways business, both in our use of materials and in our building practices, and our success in this field is proudly detailed in our annual corporate responsibility report View More

People working in Bellway Homes

Lorna Edwards
Deputy Company Secretary *************@******* ********6756
Adrian Hill
Group Head of Procurement... ***********@******* ********3081
Shauna H
Head of Customer Care... ********@******* ********1913
Louise Chamberlain
Group Head of Sales... ******************@******* ********9424
Lisa Bourn
Construction Secretary **********@******* ********3502
Celina Mcgarry
Construction Secretary **************@******* ********6685
Claire Hume
Sales Secretary ***********@******* ********5232
Caroline Saunders
personal assistant and team... *****************@******* ********4106
Lisa Jones
Construction Secretary **********@******* ********8253
Lee Henderson
Group Head of Commercial... *************@******* ********7413
Tanya Burnett
Customer Care Secretary *************@******* ********5237
Lyndsey Leitch
Head of Customer Care... **************@******* ********2366
Aaron Carrier
Head of Infrastructure *************@******* ********9925
Kai Lacey
Head of Construction *********@******* ********9217
Claire Hornal
Senior construction secretary *************@******* ********0010
Marc Carty
Construction Secretary **********@******* ********6790
Tom Smith
Head Of Development *********@******* ********5707
Alexandra Levy
Head Of Customer Care... **************@******* ********3175
Stephen Weldon
Head of Sustainability **************@******* ********2497
Ian Craven
Head Of Finance **********@******* ********2207
Kimberley Burke
Finance Manager Head of... *******************@******* ********5005
Melanie Smith
Head Of Sales *************@******* ********5924
Steve Read
Head Of Planning **********@******* ********1284
Matt Preston
Head Of Customer Care... **********@******* ********6137
Andrew Ruggles
Group Head of Design... **************@******* ********8167
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Products & Technologies used at Bellway Homes

Technology Stack used at BELLWAY HOMES
Customer service Communication Cdm Gateway Payroll Voice Media Financial Mobile 4g Billing Troubleshooting Audit Forecasting Payment Server Disaster Risk Directory Change management
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Products used at BELLWAY HOMES
Word Outlook Microsoft office Excel Safe Director Ledger Board Microsoft office 365 Access Office 365 Aws Photoshop Revit Portal Sheets Powerpoint Apprentice Orange Chrome
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Frequently asked questions about Bellway Homes

  1. What does BELLWAY HOMES's do?
    Bellway is a FTSE 250 house builder, headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, which operates 19 trading divisions across England, Scotland and Wales. The company has grown from a family firm, established more than 70 years ago, into a respected national brand, selling almost ten thousand homes a year. Our divisional operating structure enables us to focus on regional needs, utilising...
  2. What is BELLWAY HOMES's industry?
    Bellway homes operates in Construction industry.
  3. What is BELLWAY HOMES's HQ phone number?
    Bellway homes's HQ Phone number is +44 191 217 0717
  4. What is BELLWAY HOMES's revenue?
    Bellway homes's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is BELLWAY HOMES's company size?
    Bellway homes's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is BELLWAY HOMES's official website? is official website of Bellway homes.