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Behpakhsh Co Logo

Behpakhsh Co

Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

Behpakhsh Co is the largest sales and distribution company of FMCG in Iran View More

People working in Behpakhsh Co

Atefe Kazemzadeh
Head Of Digital Marketing... a***********@******** ********7445
Mahbubeh Moradloo
Board and vice president... m*********@******** ********5134
Hesan Monfared
hand made gold and... h*********@******** ********1670
Majid Jafarzadeh
Head of Stock m***********@******** ********9954
Ramin Jafari
Deputy Managing Director Financial... r*******@******** ********5774
Ahmad Khatib
Director Of Sales And... a*******@******** ********4306
Ati Darafshi
Sales Manager a*********@******** ********7476
Sadegh Nasari
Sales Manager s*******@******** ********2024
Matin Sadeghi
IT Manager m********@******** ********1300
Gholamreza Dadkhah
Consultant g********@******** ********9440
Shabnam Amiri
Software Specialist s******@******** ********9888
Sadegh Nasari
Sales Manager s*******@******** ********9438
Farhad Gholami
IT Manager f********@******** ********8710
Fakhreddin Bayazidi
Manager f*********@******** ********4296
Behzad Kamalizadeh
manager b************@******** ********4961
Herman Taherian
Accounting Manager h*********@******** ********2906
Sadegh Nasari
Sales Manager s*******@******** ********4242
Omid Balaei
Warehouse Supervisor o*******@******** ********8421
Hamid Golian
IT Manager h*****@******** ********6398
Abolfal Jahangirzadeh
Sales Marketing Manager a**************@******** ********5081
Hooshang Mahdinia
Sales Manager h*********@******** ********1027
Hossein Jaroon
food factory manager h*******@******** ********9862
Hamidreza Golian
Technology and Business Development... h*******@******** ********5436
Omid Saeedinejad
Manager o************@******** ********9805
Soltani Reza
finance manager s*****@******** ********6545
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Frequently asked questions about Behpakhsh Co

  1. What does BEHPAKHSH CO's do?
    Behpakhsh Co is the largest sales and distribution company of FMCG in Iran
  2. What is BEHPAKHSH CO's industry?
    Behpakhsh co operates in Logistics and supply chain industry.
  3. What is BEHPAKHSH CO's revenue?
    Behpakhsh co's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is BEHPAKHSH CO's company size?
    Behpakhsh co's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is BEHPAKHSH CO's official website? is official website of Behpakhsh co.