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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +973 1732 1777
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People working in Bahrain Airport Services

Jamil Salman
General Counsel Company Secretary... ************@**** ********7333
Nadia Algosaibi
head of examinations ***************@**** ********8797
Hind Bucheery
head of projects *************@**** ********6967
Hessa Saad
Executive Secretary **********@**** ********8869
George Joseph
project leader *************@**** ********4930
Maryoom Jaffar
Executive Secretary **************@**** ********7895
Aysha Abdulla
Secretary ************@**** ********8646
Alia Al
Executive Secretary *************@**** ********2095
Khalid Razzaq
Head of Cargo Operation... *************@**** ********5898
Hind Bucheery
Head of Projects *************@**** ********7793
Alreem Mohammed
Secretary ***************@**** ********2564
Amina Mattar
Executive Secretary ************@**** ********4377
Faisal Al
Airside service manager *************@**** ********6194
Nasreen Qassim
Payroll Manager **************@**** ********8672
Hussain Ahmed
customer service supervisor *************@**** ********4339
Rashid Alowain
Bond Store officer **************@**** ********1811
Wasswa Jotham
Safety Officer *************@**** ********1686
Husain Alqasimi
Manager Administration ***************@**** ********7207
Marck Jayson
Load Control Supervisor **************@**** ********5504
Graham Hurdon
Workshop Manager *************@**** ********2485
Nader Alsaadi
health and safety officer... *************@**** ********0162
Ali Almarhoon
Management Accountant *************@**** ********0672
Ali Mail
Acting Operation Officer ********@**** ********5264
Dawood Nasser
ops officer *************@**** ********1613
Mohamed Abousaif
Manager IT ****************@**** ********1075
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Products & Technologies used at Bahrain Airport Services

Technology Stack used at BAHRAIN AIRPORT SERVICES
Data communication Communication Compliance Security Customer service Packaging Mobile Safety security Operations Financial Quality assurance Food safety Procedure Payment Audit Corrective action Risk Sampling Staffing Security safety
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Cisco Safe Next Flight Pass Microsoft office Air Wise Marshalling Seeks Juice Origin Board Access Gift Foreman Compressor Canvas Jquery Animate
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Frequently asked questions about Bahrain Airport Services

    Total Quality Airport Ground Support
  2. What is BAHRAIN AIRPORT SERVICES's industry?
    Bahrain airport services operates in Airlines/aviation industry.
  3. What is BAHRAIN AIRPORT SERVICES's HQ phone number?
    Bahrain airport services's HQ Phone number is +973 1732 1777
  4. What is BAHRAIN AIRPORT SERVICES's revenue?
    Bahrain airport services's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is BAHRAIN AIRPORT SERVICES's company size?
    Bahrain airport services's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is BAHRAIN AIRPORT SERVICES's official website? is official website of Bahrain airport services.