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Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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Ashtel Group is Committed to Provide Futuristic & Innovative Electronics and Consumer Products throughout the World View More

People working in Ashtel group of companies

Unu Unais
Head Of IT Products... ***@********* ********6711
Mohammed Jaisal
Head of Retail GCC... ********@********* ********8095
Shibili Muhzin
Head Of Technical Support... *******@********* ********0021
Rafeeq S
Head Of Service Operations... ********@********* ********9041
Rakesh Gopal
Head Of Corporate Sales... ******@********* ********6058
Ajith Kumar
Head Of Finance *****@********* ********6241
Mushakkir Naduvile
Head Of Sales *********@********* ********7293
Akhil Punnath
Divisional Head *****@********* ********5116
Riyaz Hussain
Digital team leader *****@********* ********0185
Shameel Em
Head Of Marketing *******@********* ********7990
Vinod R
Team Lead Vendor Operation... *****@********* ********7954
Sakheel Vc
Assistant Financial Manager *******@********* ********2786
Gil Catacutan
Retail Specialist *************@********* ********3194
Anoob Jamal
Business Operations Manager *****@********* ********3715
Fajar M
Office Management *******@********* ********5988
Moidu Sajid
Sales And Marketing Specialist... *****@********* ********4720
Prakash Kumar
Business Development Manager *******@********* ********0255
Sandhal Ks
Corporate Sales Specialist *******@********* ********3855
Muhammed Naseem
Senior Human Resources Officer... ********@********* ********0988
Paul Xavier
Technical Manager ****@********* ********6537
Iftiqar Shaikh
Sales Manager *******@********* ********4556
Akash Mathew
Accounts Manager *****@********* ********9040
Jafar Kunil
Inside Sales Specialist *****@********* ********9462
Sajin Babu
Distribution Manager *****@********* ********8509
Havaz Vpemea
Ecommerce Manager *****@********* ********3718
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Products & Technologies used at Ashtel group of companies

Ultimate Air
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Frequently asked questions about Ashtel group of companies

  1. What does ASHTEL GROUP OF COMPANIES's do?
    Ashtel Group is Committed to Provide Futuristic & Innovative Electronics and Consumer Products throughout the World
  2. What is ASHTEL GROUP OF COMPANIES's industry?
    Ashtel group of companies operates in Electrical/electronic manufacturing industry.
  3. What is ASHTEL GROUP OF COMPANIES's revenue?
    Ashtel group of companies's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is ASHTEL GROUP OF COMPANIES's company size?
    Ashtel group of companies's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is ASHTEL GROUP OF COMPANIES's official website? is official website of Ashtel group of companies.