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Anthem, Inc. is now Elevance Health. Please follow us at View More

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People working in Anthem, Inc

Eric Brown
Staff VP, Enterprise Analytics... **********@*******
Felicia Woods
Project Leader *************@*******
Rob Teas
Regional Vice President ********@*******
Gretchen Flatto
staff vice president and... ***************@****
James Marshall
VP Information Technology **************@*******
Lourdes Gayo
Strategic Business Leader MMM... ************@*******
Diane Bergman
staff vice president, medicaid... *************@****
S Hamilton
staff vp, medicaid and... **********@****
Kennan Wethington
regional vice president *****************@*******
Kim Klay
staff vice president, portfolio... ********@****
Marc Ackerley
Staff VP Technology *************@*******
Robin Burgess
Staff Vice President *************@****
Natalie Brown
Staff Vice President Sales... *************@*******
Steve Peebles
staff vp, national accounts... *************@*******
Sheri Reed
Staff Vice President of... **********@****
Tim Schmalz
Vice President & General... ***********@*******
Jay Severa
Staff VP, Actuarial and... **********@*******
Jason Gedrim
Product Manager- VP Product... ************@*******
Deshaun Donaldson
Integration Director, VP Corporate... *****************@*******
Keeling Susan
Staff VP, Financial Operations... *************@*******
Zhufeng Gao
Principal Data Scientist ***********@*******
Lee Napier
staff vp, corporate shared... **********@*******
Jennifer Young
Initiative Project Leader **************@*******
Shawn Simmons
Staff VP, Global HR... *************@*******
Colleen Bower
Vice President *************@*******
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Products & Technologies used at Anthem, Inc

Technology Stack used at ANTHEM, INC
Access management Accessibility Accreditation Active directory Analytics Android Angular Angularjs Ar Archival Archiving Assessment Automated testing Automated unit testing Automation test framework Aws azure Aws cloud infrastructure Aws s3 B2b Bgp
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Products used at ANTHEM, INC
Abs Acrobat Acs Adobe illustrator Adobe indesign Air Aop Apache Apache lucene Apigee edge Apprentice Ariba Asp Augment Aurora Avaya Aws Axon Basecamp Bayesian
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  • Medallia

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  • lit-html

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  • HSTS

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  • DigiCert

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  • Webpack

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Frequently asked questions about Anthem, Inc

  1. What does ANTHEM, INC's do?
    Anthem, Inc. is now Elevance Health. Please follow us at
  2. What are Anthem, Inc's specialities?
    Health insurance , Blue cross blue shield , Dental plans , Medicaid , Pharmacy benefits , Vision insurance , Life insurance , Health plans , Medicare supplement insurance , Employee benefits , Health data analytics , Health administration , Public health , Medicare , Dental insurance , Pallative care , Health analytics , Employer sponsored health insurance , Health benefits
  3. What is ANTHEM, INC's industry?
    Anthem, inc operates in Hospital & health care industry.
  4. What is ANTHEM, INC's revenue?
    Anthem, inc's revenue is < 1m
  5. What is ANTHEM, INC's company size?
    Anthem, inc's has 0 - 1 people working.
  6. What is ANTHEM, INC's official website? is official website of Anthem, inc.