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Investment Management

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +966 11 205 1666
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Al Majal Al Arabi was incorporated to meet the needs of the Saudi market and the developmental economic development seen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in different field. Thus, the management of Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Co. had several objectives that confirm its concern about the trends and directions of the state, which drove it to work on the achievement of the societal effective sustainable development and to provide services to all sector, individuals, and strata of the society. Not a very long time elapsed before Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Co. become a giant economic entity within the scope of its businesses with the progressive expansion in varied fields, so that to include trade, real estate, contracting, industry and manufacturing, communications, information technology, services, technical systems, health care, operating, environmental sanitation, general maintenance, medical maintenance, food catering and hygiene. These works are being performed by fourteen 13 companies represent Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Co, as it have human cadres exceed 21000 employees, perform and carry out the work and business in accordance with an integrated strategy that is distinguished by the wide experience and professionalism in accomplishment of the works View More

- Contracting construction - Communications Information... - Maintenance operating... - Medical maintenance... - -Environmental service... city cleanness waste disposal - Food catering... View More

People working in Almajal Alarabi Holding

Mohammed Elhamed
Head of Mechanical Engineering... ****************@***************
Sultan Alotaibi
Head of Civil Department... ***************@***************
Rabie Majzoub
Team Leader *************@***************
Mousa Alsafran
QHSE Head **************@***************
Ghaith Alosoufi
Mechanical head section Engineer... ***************@***************
Mosaad Alshaya
head of electronics department... **************@***************
Saed Badawood
Head of BMS Department... *************@***************
Abuobeida Elfaki
TEAM LEADER ****************@***************
Ahmed Raouf
x-ray and ultrasound service... ***********@***************
Nafez Alakra
Director of Special Projects... ************@***************
Mahmoud Elwakil
Executive Marketing & Creative... ***************@***************
Khaled Gharaibeh
projects control director ****************@***************
Abdulhakim Alazhari
cash director *******************@***************
Eyad Sharaf
director and project manager... ***********@***************
Chadi Moussa
Director of Operations ************@***************
Sarfaraz Ahmed
Supervisor **************@***************
Abdullah Alhilal
Facility Management Engineer ****************@***************
Mohammed Alatawi
Maintenance Manager ****************@***************
Omar Zeitouneh
Store Manager **************@***************
Aown Ali
BMS Supervisor ********@***************
Talal Othman
Project Manager ************@***************
Sherif Fawzy
Accounting Manager ************@***************
Shawqi Al
Procurement Supervisor *********@***************
Nazar Abdalahalim
procurement officer *****************@***************
Moath Altowaijri
Investment and Business Development... ****************@***************
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Products & Technologies used at Almajal Alarabi Holding

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Frequently asked questions about Almajal Alarabi Holding

  1. What does ALMAJAL ALARABI HOLDING's do?
    Al Majal Al Arabi was incorporated to meet the needs of the Saudi market and the developmental economic development seen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in different field. Thus, the management of Al Majal Al Arabi Holding Co. had several objectives that confirm its concern about the trends and directions of the state, which drove it to work on...
  2. What are Almajal Alarabi Holding's specialities?
    - contracting , Construction , - communications information technology , - maintenance operating services , - medical maintenance medical equipment , - -environmental service , City cleanness , Waste disposal , - food catering supply
  3. What is ALMAJAL ALARABI HOLDING's industry?
    Almajal alarabi holding operates in Investment management industry.
  4. What is ALMAJAL ALARABI HOLDING's HQ phone number?
    Almajal alarabi holding's HQ Phone number is +966 11 205 1666
  5. What is ALMAJAL ALARABI HOLDING's revenue?
    Almajal alarabi holding's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is ALMAJAL ALARABI HOLDING's company size?
    Almajal alarabi holding's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is ALMAJAL ALARABI HOLDING's official website? is official website of Almajal alarabi holding.