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  • Revenue 101M - 500M
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +91 97178 58585
  • Website

Alankit Group is a banking company based out of Alankit House 2E / 21 Jhandewalan Extension, Delhi, Delhi, India View More

People working in Alankit Group

Udit Jain
Company Secretary *****@***** ********7701
Ashish W
Assistant Vice President *******@***** ********6932
Konark Shah
Area Head *******@***** ********5914
Akash Sharama
Regional Head ******@***** ********9344
Ashwin Davey
Branch Head *******@***** ********8900
Ishleen Ahuja
Company Secretary CS ********@***** ********3108
Vipin Yadav
Semi qualified Company Secretary... ******@***** ********7577
Nidhi Sharma
Company Secretary ******@***** ********2722
Abhishek Rungta
Zonal Head South India... *********@***** ********1309
Manoj Singh
Branch Head ******@***** ********4845
J Mittal
Vice President **@***** ********4156
Anita Chhabra
Executive Secretary ******@***** ********0775
Harish K
Vice President *******@***** ********7856
Anurag Sharma
Assistant Company Secretary *******@***** ********5507
Vijay Rawat
Head HRBP *****@***** ********9548
Sachin Narang
Assistant Company Secretary *******@***** ********3351
Vipul Gandotra
Vice President ******@***** ********3686
Ankit Agarwal
Managing Director ******@***** ********6682
Utkarsh Gupta
Executive Assistant to Managing... ********@***** ********8384
Khushboo Aroraa
Company SecretaryCompliance Officer *********@***** ********7980
Henry King
Security Officer ******@***** ********8850
Pankaj Patil
Branch Manager *******@***** ********3459
Arijit Ojha
Marketing Manager *******@***** ********2137
Smita Arora
Working as Asst Manager... ******@***** ********5346
Hemant Bisht
Assistant Manager *******@***** ********7892
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Products & Technologies used at Alankit Group

Technology Stack used at ALANKIT GROUP
Voice Customer service Operations Media Privacy Audit Exchange Payment Compliance Financial Communication B2b Rfid Rfp Scheduling Protection Networking Risk Mobile Talent acquisition
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Products used at ALANKIT GROUP
Whatsapp Wise Board Ledger Tally Links Google analytics Jquery Visit Salesforce Tower Sheets Amazon connect Firebase Director Powerpoint Excel Portal Safe Word
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Frequently asked questions about Alankit Group

  1. What does ALANKIT GROUP's do?
    Alankit Group is a banking company based out of Alankit House 2E / 21 Jhandewalan Extension, Delhi, Delhi, India
  2. What is ALANKIT GROUP's industry?
    Alankit group operates in Banking industry.
  3. What is ALANKIT GROUP's HQ phone number?
    Alankit group's HQ Phone number is +91 97178 58585
  4. What is ALANKIT GROUP's revenue?
    Alankit group's revenue is 101m - 500m
  5. What is ALANKIT GROUP's company size?
    Alankit group's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  6. What is ALANKIT GROUP's official website? is official website of Alankit group.