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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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One of the biggest privately held network of diagnostic laboratories in Poland. Modern equipment, well educated staff and many year of experience guarantee high level of our services as well as discretion and professionalism View More

People working in ALAB laboratoria

Dr Ewa
Head of the genetic... ******@***** ********3949
Malgorzata Wenclaw
HR Director ALAB laboratoria... ******************@***** ********2018
Adam Malarski
Commercial Director *************@************ ********6283
Anna Janas
Marketing Director *********@************ ********8243
Monika Majewska
Ecommerce Director ***************@************ ********7653
Artur Kajzer
Marketing Director ************@************ ********9462
Aleksandra Sibiga
Junior Marketing Manager *****************@************ ********5519
Dr Julia
Product Manager ********@***** ********9180
Magdalena Kalinowska
Marketing Manager ********************@************ ********7707
Martyna Lewandowska
Junior Product Manager *******************@************ ********7758
Maciej Lukowski
Strategy Manager ***************@************ ********6335
Jacek Supryn
IT Specialist ************@************ ********4445
Jakub Gielecinski
IT Support Manager *****************@************ ********3185
Oskar Paruszewski
Performance Marketing Specialist *****************@************ ********2552
Grzegorz Stanczak
Product manager ds genetyki... *****************@************ ********9629
Julia Wraniczsmagowska
Product Manager **********************@************ ********0422
Piotr Achranowicz
IT Project Manager Laboratory... *****************@************ ********0091
Agnieszka Zukiewicz
Kierownik Dzialu Analiz Finansowych... *******************@************ ********4676
Izabela Goral
Product Manager *************@************ ********7806
Joanna Galach
Manager regionu ds operacyjnych... ************@***** ********2612
Adam Tomasiewicz
IT Specialist ****************@************ ********8137
Karolina Radziuk
Junior HR Specialist ****************@************ ********9971
Marta Chrzanowska
Starszy Analityk HR *****************@************ ********1812
Marcin Kaleba
Department of human genetics... *************@************ ********4795
Kamil Jakubczak
Full Stack Developer RD... ***************@************ ********5219
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Products & Technologies used at ALAB laboratoria

Technology Stack used at ALAB LABORATORIA
Windows Analytics Usability Bi B2b React Solr Angular Git
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Products used at ALAB LABORATORIA
Otrs Office 365 Siemens Google analytics Power bi Google optimize Excel Harmony Pages Animate Jquery Microsoft office Flex Onetrust Flask Postgresql Kubernetes Django
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Frequently asked questions about ALAB laboratoria

  1. What does ALAB LABORATORIA's do?
    One of the biggest privately held network of diagnostic laboratories in Poland. Modern equipment, well educated staff and many year of experience guarantee high level of our services as well as discretion and professionalism
  2. What is ALAB LABORATORIA's industry?
    Alab laboratoria operates in Biotechnology industry.
  3. What is ALAB LABORATORIA's revenue?
    Alab laboratoria's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is ALAB LABORATORIA's company size?
    Alab laboratoria's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is ALAB LABORATORIA's official website? is official website of Alab laboratoria.