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Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc

Food Production

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
  • HQ Contact +1 909-477-4700
  • Website ajinomotofoods.com

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People working in Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc

Steve Charles
vice president operations *************@************ds.com ********5793
Chris Meyer
Senior VP Bus Dev... ***********@************ds.com ********9565
Michael Macpherson
Vice President of field... ******************@************ds.com ********3403
Delebecque Olivier
Technicien laboratoire principal ******************@************ds.com ********2908
Jerry Yandell
Vice President Groc Sales... *************@************ds.com ********7816
Gema Verdin
VP Supply Chain Management... ***********@************ds.com ********4649
Muhammad Fikal
Management Director **************@************ds.com ********8400
Anthony Favela
Director of Sales Service... **************@************ds.com ********3577
Brad Kumin
director of marketing **********@************ds.com ********0230
John Gordon
Director Internal Control and... ***********@************ds.com ********5941
Kevin Lake
director of operations asian... **********@************ds.com ********3333
Tom Mahan
director of national and... *********@************ds.com ********3504
Peter Rosenthal
Director of Creative Services... ***************@************ds.com ********5410
Tim Arndt
director of corporate purchasing... *********@************ds.com ********7448
Sugimoto Toyoho
Director ***************@************ds.com ********1887
Joe Johnston
Maintenance Engineering Manager ************@************ds.com ********8846
Juamesa Missale
Food Specialist ***************@************ds.com ********9658
Luann Swanson
Lead Packer *************@************ds.com ********2074
Chris Stopa
Warehouse Supervisor ***********@************ds.com ********0408
Tarie Tarie
Sales Manager ***********@************ds.com ********7676
Cindy Vartan
Manager of Internal Controls... ************@************ds.com ********2715
Chelsi Baldwin
divisional sales manager **************@************ds.com ********2673
Nancy Piper
FSQA Supplier Documentation Manager... ***********@************ds.com ********4010
Denise Wright
Corporate Warehouse and Distribution... *************@************ds.com ********0279
George Turneanu
Production Specialist ***************@************ds.com ********0524
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Products & Technologies used at Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc

Technology Stack used at AJINOMOTO WINDSOR, INC
Gmp Food safety Sanitation Packaging Compliance Scheduling Operating procedures Continuous improvement Troubleshooting Windows Rest Mss Risk Audit Security Financial Payment Payroll Calibration Assessment
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Perception Taste Access Next Safe Air Spine Excel Outlook Board Microsoft office Pass Salt Weld Rust Powerpoint Word Root Oracle Sheets
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Frequently asked questions about Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc

  1. What does AJINOMOTO WINDSOR, INC's do?
    We have moved to a new page - Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc.
  2. What are Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc's specialities?
    Entrees , Appetizers & snacks , Stir fry creations , Potstickers sauce
  3. What is AJINOMOTO WINDSOR, INC's industry?
    Ajinomoto windsor, inc operates in Food production industry.
  4. What is AJINOMOTO WINDSOR, INC's HQ phone number?
    Ajinomoto windsor, inc's HQ Phone number is +1 909-477-4700
  5. What is AJINOMOTO WINDSOR, INC's revenue?
    Ajinomoto windsor, inc's revenue is 501m - 1b
  6. What is AJINOMOTO WINDSOR, INC's company size?
    Ajinomoto windsor, inc's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  7. What is AJINOMOTO WINDSOR, INC's official website?
    www.ajinomotofoods.com is official website of Ajinomoto windsor, inc.