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Ajay kumar

Business Supplies and Equipment

  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +91 98105 44443
  • Website badabusiness.com

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People working in Ajay kumar

Dipti Sharma
Associate Company Secretary *****@**********ss.com ********2879
Rahul Gupta
Head of Sales and... *****@**********ss.com ********3474
Pooja Kotekar
SEMIQUALIFIED COMPANY SECRETARY *****@**********ss.com ********4264
Rhonda Hawkins
office manager ******@**********ss.com ********1927
Umesh Handigol
NLD Construction Manager *****@**********ss.com ********8667
Ajay Shyam
Project Delivery Manager ****@**********ss.com ********7009
Vasu Goyal
Manager ****@**********ss.com ********2649
Ajay Kpajay
Senior Software Engineer ****@**********ss.com ********6542
Ajay Kumar
Engineer ****@**********ss.com ********0385
Rupesh Shirke
sales executive ******@**********ss.com ********4116
The Akp
purnea University ***@**********ss.com ********7890
Ajay Kumar ******@**********ss.com ********6166
Ashok Bhatia
Accountant *****@**********ss.com ********1528
Taanu Sahu
Anchal CollegePadampur *****@**********ss.com ********3550
Sunil Kamath
SELFEMPLOYED *****@**********ss.com ********2364
Ajay Ajayadv8661
advocate ****@**********ss.com ********4084
Ravikant Pandey
Gmprojecy ********@**********ss.com ********9834
Bhim Yadav
no job ****@**********ss.com ********1610
Arun Mishra
maneger ****@**********ss.com ********1705
Bachchan Mishra
Accountant ********@**********ss.com ********3635
Abhimanyu Gupta
Businessman *********@**********ss.com ********1498
Vijay Dev
Technician *****@**********ss.com ********5691
Cs Thakkar
CS Traninee **@**********ss.com ********2745
Chandni Chakraborty
Calcutta University Kolkata *******@**********ss.com ********8245
Ajay Gupta
Associate ****@**********ss.com ********6628
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Products & Technologies used at Ajay kumar

Products used at AJAY KUMAR
Next Whatsapp Max Director Alfred Google analytics Lotus Android Brazil Board Home grown Freelancer
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Frequently asked questions about Ajay kumar

  1. What does AJAY KUMAR's do?
    You cant convince people by convincing, You convince people by connecting!
  2. What is AJAY KUMAR's industry?
    Ajay kumar operates in Business supplies and equipment industry.
  3. What is AJAY KUMAR's HQ phone number?
    Ajay kumar's HQ Phone number is +91 98105 44443
  4. What is AJAY KUMAR's revenue?
    Ajay kumar's revenue is 501m - 1b
  5. What is AJAY KUMAR's company size?
    Ajay kumar's has 10000+ people working.
  6. What is AJAY KUMAR's official website?
    www.badabusiness.com is official website of Ajay kumar.