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Aviation & Aerospace

  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact +1 800-267-8371
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Airbus is the worlds leading aircraft manufacturer whose customer focus, commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of the industry View More

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People working in Airbus Aircraft

Maria Jover
Aerostructure Procurement. Functional Team... ***********@****
Peter Robbie
vice president corporate operations... ************@****
Jan Steinmetz
head of me and... *************@****
Jens Strahmann
head of test **************@****
Jose Hormigos
head of communications *************@****
Federico Carmona
head general services ****************@****
Gilbert Marquaille
head of financial statements... ******************@****
Erin Lau
it project leader ********@****
Romain Desautard
r and t project... ****************@****
Javier Martin
head of amtac *************@****
Amy Gaye
senior legal counsel -... ********@****
Mike Kloss
director kit management **********@****
Leo Lei
customer solution director *******@****
R Sathvik
project management intern *********@****
Patrizio Mazzella
Quality Supervisor *****************@****
Michel Gaglio
fal customer manager *************@****
Wolfgang Hahn
general manager *************@****
Emilio Garcia-pozuelo
program manager internship- taslb... ********************@****
Ana Diaz
scl and t -... ********@****
Philippe Brasdu
project manager ***************@****
Simon Wadey
senior industrial research and... ***********@****
Stefan Schwarze
consultant ***************@****
Adina Sachelarie
om and om1 manager... ****************@****
Dirk Jessen
config manager ***********@****
Michelle Perry
administration manager **************@****
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Products & Technologies used at Airbus Aircraft

Products used at AIRBUS AIRCRAFT
Aws Azure Google optimize 360 Next Safe Visit Flight Air Juice Stars Orion Scout Pages Orbit Nova Android Board Access Jquery Links
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Frequently asked questions about Airbus Aircraft

  1. What does AIRBUS AIRCRAFT's do?
    Airbus is the worlds leading aircraft manufacturer whose customer focus, commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it to the forefront of the industry
  2. What are Airbus Aircraft's specialities?
    Aircraft manufacturing
  3. What is AIRBUS AIRCRAFT's industry?
    Airbus aircraft operates in Aviation & aerospace industry.
  4. What is AIRBUS AIRCRAFT's HQ phone number?
    Airbus aircraft's HQ Phone number is +1 800-267-8371
  5. What is AIRBUS AIRCRAFT's revenue?
    Airbus aircraft's revenue is 1b+
  6. What is AIRBUS AIRCRAFT's company size?
    Airbus aircraft's has 10000+ people working.
  7. What is AIRBUS AIRCRAFT's official website? is official website of Airbus aircraft.