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  • Revenue 501M - 1B
  • Size 1001 - 5000
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Operating as a regional airline in the United States since 1965, Air Wisconsin Airlines performs flying services exclusively for United Airlines as United Express from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains. View More

People working in Air Wisconsin Airlines

Jeff Bethune
Vice President Financial Business... ************@**** ********4850
Jim Mcleod
Vice President of Information... **********@**** ********6601
Michael Bounds
Inflight Leader **************@**** ********4835
Laurie Martin
Vice President Inflight and... *************@**** ********2873
Peter Doering
Technical Service Director *************@**** ********9538
Marvin Mulder
Regional director *************@**** ********3313
Lauren Duvall
Director of Pilot Recruitment... *************@**** ********7317
Chris Hollon
Director of Maintenance Performance... ************@**** ********6109
Sumanth Reddimalla
Hub Director ******************@**** ********6351
Bill Palmer
Director Inflight Crew Resources... ***********@**** ********2489
Gregg C
Director of Corporate Safety... *******@**** ********5703
Tim Schuler
Director of Business Intelligence... ***********@**** ********2888
Tina Vos
Managing Director of Human... ********@**** ********0063
Tanya Ershova
IT Director of Business... *************@**** ********9230
Andrew Lundt
Director Of Procurement ************@**** ********5838
Jana Janssen
Director of Revenue Accounting... ************@**** ********4849
Chad Schimmelpfenning
Director of Legal Affairs... *********************@**** ********2705
Rob Dobratz
Director of Technical Services... ***********@**** ********8381
Ryan Duescher
Director of Operational Resource... *************@**** ********1356
Larry Snyder
Director System Operations Control... ************@**** ********7811
Mona Grassl
Dir HR Admin and... ***********@**** ********3565
Joanne Grishaber
Director of Cash Management... ****************@**** ********0892
Kelly Prince
Director of Accounting ************@**** ********5135
Jeff Sievert
Director Of Quality ************@**** ********0289
Larry Gauerke
Director System Operations *************@**** ********2450
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Products & Technologies used at Air Wisconsin Airlines

Technology Stack used at AIR WISCONSIN AIRLINES
Analytics Spreadsheet Compliance Security Financial Communication Troubleshooting Customer service Lms Quality assurance Windows Web-based Internet Media Bi Risk Operations Radio Ata Networking
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Ledger Safe Powerpoint Access Microsoft excel Word Microsoft office Excel Flight Pass Microsoft word Air Cycles Aviate Director Board Sheets Ibm as400 Max
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Frequently asked questions about Air Wisconsin Airlines

  1. What does AIR WISCONSIN AIRLINES's do?
    Operating as a regional airline in the United States since 1965, Air Wisconsin Airlines performs flying services exclusively for United Airlines as United Express from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains.
  2. What is AIR WISCONSIN AIRLINES's industry?
    Air wisconsin airlines operates in Airlines/aviation industry.
  3. What is AIR WISCONSIN AIRLINES's revenue?
    Air wisconsin airlines's revenue is 501m - 1b
  4. What is AIR WISCONSIN AIRLINES's company size?
    Air wisconsin airlines's has 1001 - 5000 people working.
  5. What is AIR WISCONSIN AIRLINES's official website? is official website of Air wisconsin airlines.