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AIG Life & Retirement


  • Revenue 1B+
  • Size 10000+
  • HQ Contact
  • Website

AIG Life & Retirement is now Corebridge Financial View More

People working in AIG Life & Retirement

Neil Ferraiuolo
Chief Technology Officer and... n**************@** ********2102
Tom Bartolomeo
Chief Information Security Officer... t*************@** ********1128
Mike Dennis
Vice President - Application... m**********@** ********3751
Shannon Hannaford
Assistant to Vice President... s****************@** ********1796
Robert Chan
Vice President - Annuity... r**********@** ********8619
Justin Struby
Senior VP and Actuary,... j************@** ********2878
Owen Embry
Vice-President, Financial Planning and... o*********@** ********6400
Dawn Loureiro
VP Marketing Systems Strategies,... d************@** ********9980
Rod Hari
Vice President Information Technology... r*******@** ********1071
Mark Szycher
Vice President and Senior... m***********@** ********2881
Mike Akers
Retired Head of VA... m*********@** ********4630
Westley Speer
Divisional Vice President w************@** ********3777
Nick Poulos
Art Director n**********@** ********4666
David Ayoub
Director d**********@** ********7173
Barb Moore
Tax Director b*********@** ********4934
Bill Carr
Board of Directors b********@** ********8466
Beth Dobbs
Director Of Financial Reporting... b*********@** ********0289
Diana Bitar
Director - Investment Accounting... d**********@** ********3946
Alicia Garner
Manager Financial Analysis a************@** ********2100
Kerry Ashford
IT Manager Support Services... k************@** ********5076
Alicia Comstock
Manager Financial Analysis a**************@** ********3030
Peggy Hurt
Distribution Specialist p*********@** ********6786
Daryl Fields
Facility Manager d***********@** ********5964
Eliza Spencer
Customer Service Specialist e************@** ********6931
Staci Wang
Consultant-Business Systems Analyst s*********@** ********0579
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Products & Technologies used at AIG Life & Retirement

Products used at AIG LIFE & RETIREMENT
Root Acs Access Amazon connect Firefox Chrome Portal
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Frequently asked questions about AIG Life & Retirement

  1. What does AIG LIFE & RETIREMENT's do?
    AIG Life & Retirement is now Corebridge Financial
  2. What is AIG LIFE & RETIREMENT's industry?
    Aig life & retirement operates in Insurance industry.
  3. What is AIG LIFE & RETIREMENT's revenue?
    Aig life & retirement's revenue is 1b+
  4. What is AIG LIFE & RETIREMENT's company size?
    Aig life & retirement's has 10000+ people working.
  5. What is AIG LIFE & RETIREMENT's official website? is official website of Aig life & retirement.